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  1. The Fanatec CSL DD in F1 2021 can be used without issues only by enabling ClubSport2.5 emulation mode (yellow light) because in standard PC mode (red light) when I go on the kerbs the on-screen wheel start to go crazy and shows some strange movements/vibration that do not match the real wheel: it's like the game is getting some wierd feedback that shouldn't exist (in fact it doesn't even get translated to the real wheel), instead with the ClubSport2.5 emulation mode there's no issue and the game acts like on every other wheel (you can see the differences between PC mode and compatibility mode
  2. F1 2021 v1.12 patch has unfortunately reverted the brake behaviour to the unrealistic F1 2020 style, forcing the player to always use 50% brake bias because it is now something like 57% of the pre-patch setting; please make actual 50% at least around the previous 54% in order to give us some little range to change the setting in car and also give this garage setting some reason to exist, because at this time it is pretty much useless and everyone on every track will always use the unrealistic 50% brake bias (real F1 drivers usually use 57-58%, with 50% they would spin at every corner) Tha
  3. At Spa is more noticeable...
  4. Eventually could be a multiplayer only option...
  5. I would suggest to add an option to set tyre degradation (1x, 2x, 3x etc), this would be useful especially for shorter races
  6. I suggest to speed up the safety car: yesterday I was racing in Spa and the safety car came out, but it drove every corner at 70 km/h (where in real life it would go at least at 120), so it would be nice to speed it up a bit...
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