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  1. j3zh

    F1 2010-2012

    With the release of F1 2020, I’ve decided to whack out the dusty PS3 and go through some old F1 games (2010-2012)... while doing this, I’ve noticed the online population has dwindled, so I’m trying my luck on here! Anyone up for some retro co-ops or just plain racing?
  2. j3zh

    F1 2010 Reborn

    Hi, guys I was going though my trophies last night and saw F1 2010 was sooo nearly at 100%, but not quite. That annoying ‘Nifty 50’ just wasn’t got, so I’ve blown away the cobwebs on the PS3 and booted it up. I’m sure there are a few people in the same F1 boat, so if you’d like to join me in finally completing the game a decade later, come join me! Cheers Jez