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  1. Thanks for the heads up and this would explain the difference in New Zealand.. I Was hoping for a top 100 finish this round but not with the time I had this morning... 3:35921 is disappointing. I was running low 3:30's all night yesterday. I'm usually 2-3 slower in the actual race cause I play it safe but not this time.
  2. Thanks. This means I can practice longer before racing. After racing late in New Zealand in the RWD event, I could swear that the roads were more rough.. Must have imagined that....
  3. Wondering at what time we can race tomorrow? With the surface degradation I would like to go early
  4. Would like to know what I can do if my round 3 time never posted. My vr headset crashed b4 I could hit continue to register my time and now I can't go back in the qualifiers and my time doesn't display in the top left corner. Not that I was going to win this thing but I was kind of curious to see if I could finish in the top 500...
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