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  1. I have several under way. 1) true leaderboard - displays delta with penalties included. Updates once per second on the twitch side. Would have used steam Id to convert to display name for display use 2) league bot - this is discord and twitch integration. Signups are done via discord or twitch. This would have been linked with steam Id, so when running a league race, “race control” select the race, the entrants are all linked and away you go. 3) other custom stuffs I’ve been working on with folks. I’ve also just created S7evemetry (still in beta on NuGet) an open source SDK in dotnet core which I’m trying to integrate with as many sim racing APIs as possible. This is the basis for most of the extra software I’m writing.
  2. Yes that’s the issue, I’m building Discord Bots and Twitch Extensions to run leagues and although I can get folks to enter team cars one by one, the app update and I can link twitch or discord signups with the right person in the lobby it’s something I could have done programmatically. Now however, it’s going to take a good few minutes to get this working, especially race selection and getting folks to enter cars “as they go”. I’m lucky we are using Official Teams and not My Team cars as that would just not work.
  3. I found a reply on Page 5 of the UDP Spec which mentions that this is the same subject every year. If that's the case instead of saying you're going to send the Steam ID maybe say that those fields are deprecated and/or not in use. Something @Hoo mentioned (although it doesn't mention PC) is that this is due to Console manufacturers not liking it due to privacy, has this now changed and include PC as names/steamIds are no longer sent in all cases
  4. I originally posted here F1® 2020 | UDP Specification however then realised that was under the 2019 Tech Assitance forum, so thought I would post this here instead. In Multiplayer when receiving UDP data for Lobby and Participant we only receive "Player" for everyone. This is not meant to be the case. In the Platform = PC 1.08 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues - Tested on Unranked and Ranked Wired or Wireless Connection? Wired connection. The number of players in your session? Any - I've seen it happen on all size lobbies I was not the host, I was spectating in most, When this question was asked here I did try and host however this caused the same issue (or seemed to) It is unknown if others see the same as trying to get others to use a beta software I'm building is almost impossible when in public lobbies To recreate the issue listen to the UDP lobby or participant data and the Name is "Player", a video has been attached. 2020-09-09_11-46-57.mp4
  5. LuckyNoS7evin

    F1® 2020 | UDP Specification

    I received this issue as well, posted it here. Then realising that this post is under the F1 2019 section for Tech Assistance have now posted in the correct place https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/60346-pc-multiplayer-udp-participant-and-lobby-data-incorrect-name-for-all-player/