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  1. balliarno

    Speed scaling through the year

    Thanks for a clear and quick replyūüėÄ
  2. balliarno

    I had an engine failure!

    This is actually pretty cool imo
  3. balliarno

    Speed scaling through the year

    Hi everyone i'm new here but i have a question since im a noob compared to you guys. My question is that it seems to me that the R&D is weird or maybe im just bad at the game. At the start of the season i do ok against the AI but after that they just leave me in the dust even though my R&D is better and im developing my car at a much faster rate. Am i just bad or am i missing something. Thanks guys from Stefan Balliarno
  4. I havent purchased the last 2 f1 games but im finally glad to say that im back and enjoying this new one, shame about the actual season though.