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  1. Aliain67, I got so excited after installing this mod that I forgot to come back and say thank you. It works wonders. Racer37, thanks for the settings, they work great.
  2. I've determined that the brightness issue in menus is separate fro m the one in stages, the latter is result of the exposure effect being excessive when using the driver view, as can be seen in the following two screenshots: From the driver camera view it's impossible to discern how tight the road is in the upcoming bend, it's all just one solid white blob, but switching to dashboard view brings out all that missing detail. Unfortunately, using anything other than the driver camera view in VR makes for a rather unpleasant experience in its own way, So I'm still curious, is there an
  3. For those that haven't touched VR mode, the problem is immediately obvious upon starting the game. Here's what the main menu looks like in VR mode compared to flatscreen: And for good measure, here's the brightness setting page in both VR and flatscreen: And yes, you can turn that setting down in VR mode which makes the menus look good, but doing so utterly crushes the dark areas once you actually get into a stage. So this is what stages look like in VR compared to flat screen at the default 1.0 brightness setting: It seems when actually in a
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