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  1. OBaude

    Sponsors descriptions for F1 2021

    This new tab adds new information about the real F 1 sponsors to the official Formula 1 video game of it. This sport is not possible without them! The sponsors are a very important part. Which is so important, that this part deside indirectly between win or loose, a race or the total tournament in the real F 1. My intend of it, is to find the internet adress of all the real sponsors without any problems, and no time loosing. What you mean, if you do such a spreadsheet by yourself, how many hours this tooks? Specialy, when the sponsors logo is not written in latin characters. Then you have a lot of time wasting during doing this. And if you have a little pause for yourself during the game, the possibility that you start another computer system, yust to search, what kind of sponsor this is, is near zero. And, do you think, such a spreadsheet doesnt pay out for Codemasters? If you know something about modern advertisment in the internet, CM gets his fair share, when this adress is clicked during the process of gaming F1. My intend is, that this money coming from this side of the F 1 Sport to CM is complet to use, to impove the new release of the F1 Game for gamers. This means, in the future you realy can play a fully comlpet season, without the angry, that a complet race weekend in the official FIA F 1 racing calendar is missing in this game.
  2. OBaude

    Red flags

    No, i asked CM to add the red flag for the game, not to add new characters. I play always in the single modus. And when a accident occours, its my fault, and the race is immediately over. But in the multiplayer modus, i can imagine, that a accident leaves debris on the track, where no way is through, which can be past by a velocity of 80 Km/h. Not also the safety car can pass this part of the track. So, the red flag is the right flag for this situation. My wish for a "new charakter" in this game is, that i can walk around as driver. So, i can be a part of the driver meeting before the race. And, if i reach a place on the podium, i can see the action from the drivers perspective. But this wish has absolutly no priority.
  3. OBaude

    Red flags

    Why is there no way, CM will add the red flag into the F1 Games? The red flag is the ordenary flag for secure the stewards during the race. When no way is free trough the debris of a accident. And the more important flag for racing teams then the yellow one during the T1, T2 T3 and the Q1, Q2 and Q3. Debris on track during these events, the red flag is the only flag, which match to such a scenario. Or will you send out the safety car in such a moment, in T and Q sessions?
  4. My suggestion to improve the F1 2021 is, that on the main page of the game, a new tab will be installed, called "Sponsors". If you click to this completly new tab in the F1 2021, your receive only informations about sponsors. In the spreadsheet you see there, in the first columb you see the official picture of one of the F1 Sponsors. In the second one, you see the name of this sponsor. In the third columb, you see, which team has this sticker on his car. Or if this is a "Offcar Sponsor" And in the fouth one, you can read the official internet adress of this sponsor. ( A internet browser windows will be open, when you click on this internet adress) In the fifth columb, you see a icon, if this sponsor matches the PEGI 3 rules. (No Alcohol, e.t.c) And if no, the direct internet aderss is out of order. (This is, that the official FIA F1 video game dont loose the PEGI 3 classification because this tab.) If you click on the branch picture, a another offline windows open, and describes, what this sponsor does, and for what he does advertisment. This new tab generates a lot of sponsor money for Codemasters. So, with this new tab, they are able to pay a lot of new programmers, who improve the game. Do you know every branch pictures on all the official Formula 1 cars stands for? For gamers, this new "Sponsors" tab answer the question, this branch stands for what?
  5. OBaude


    My bad experiece with the Hanoi track is, that the DRS zones are so long. In my race, i was the leader in round 48. Then a yellow flag came, and the safety car came out. After this period in round 52, all the distance i gained during the race, went away. After the resart, all cars where less then a second behind each others. And because, i leaded the race, in the first DRS zone my DRS didn't work, but for all behind me. With the result, that i was overtaken immediately by 7 cars, and finished the race at place 8. Is this the idea of DRS using after a safety car periode? Why is there not also a suspend time for DRS for 3 rounds?
  6. OBaude

    Red flags

    Red flag is a FIA rule, and should play a role in the official F1 Video Game. The argument, that this rule add nothing to the game is wrong. Othewise, red flag add nothing for the F1 and the FIA.
  7. OBaude

    The biggest problem in f1 2020: tracklimits

    New tracklimits for race tracks Tracklimits are not only the greatest problem of the F1. Instead it is "the problem" for racing in corpore. And this problem occours, because the FIA Rules has a fault. This fault is, that only a penalty is spoken out, when the driver shortens the track, to gain a advantage against the other drivers. And not also, when he longers the track, to gain a advantage. But when a driver longers the track, the optimal line for the track is different, and the total race time is shorter. The tracklimits has also a very great impact, how new racetracks look like. All the new real built tracks has walls direct next to the race track, that the tracklimits is set to a minimum. Otherwise, a new track is not to calculate, where the overtake places are. But where are the security zones, by example Vietnam? The tracklimit has also a impact to the setup of the car. Which is much different, when you drive always over the curbs, instead of, your limit is the white line. Sometimes, when i play the game F1 2020, i think, the setup of the car must be fully match to the high of the curbs. Otherwise, i never has a chance, not to be last in the race. In the same moment, i wish me a pneu from Pirelli with 30 % more grip on gras to solve this problem. Can i be not last, when i always drive into the white line limit? My answer with my experience in this race game F1 2020 to this very important question is: No. The tracklimits define the racetime more than enything eles. They define also the optimal setup for the car. I saw in the forum, that Codemaster is free to set there own tracklimits for the game. Which can be different to the official FIA Rules. So, i purpose here a "new rule for tracklimits and penalties" in this race game: To the official two rules for the tracklimits and the penalties, there should be another one, called "White Line Rule". The rule for this "White Line Tracklimit" is very simple: - The white lines left and right to the track are the new tracklimits for the track. The pre existing track limits are not out of order with the white line rule. They marks keep on doing additional penalties. - With this rule, anything else out of this tracklimit are designt for the savety of the driver, and not for race time optimising. Also the penalty system for the white line rule is very simple: - The time, one or more pneus spend on or out of the tracklimit is the penalty time. And will be added at the end of the race to the racetime. If the car leave the track for the driver savety, par exampel, overtaken by another car, mechanical failure, debries ot track, or a another reason to save a live by doing this, this addition of the penalty time will not be made at the end of the race. The penalty time is automaticly measured by 1 thousands of a second with offtrack sensors, built into the rear spoiler of the car. These offtrack sensor sends their datas online to the race server. If the offtrack penalty time is longer then the time for a pitstop drivethrough, the driver must do this pitstop drivethrough in the next lap, and the offtrack penalty time is exactly reduced by the time, this pitstop drivetrough takes. - If Codemasters opinion is, about this new time penalty for leaving the new white line tracklimits, that this is to hard, then there is a possibility, that this penalty time will be multiplied by a factor between 0 and 1. To adjust the optimized penalty time. By this way, there is also a extra possibility, that this factor will be increased by a defined step, every time, a new penalty is added to your race time. Which must not be linear increased. This function can be, par example, a parabel, a sinus, or a exponential curve. Or the velocity by crossing the white line, devided by thousand, or five hundred, is this factor, the time penalty is multiplied with.