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  1. Retrorob

    How is DR2 in Steam VR these days?

    Cool - from an Oculus point of view - I would say the same, it is the best implementation of VR in a racing game to date, I just wanted to check if things were ok over on the PC side - for when I bin my Rift-S and get a HP Reverb. So, thanks for the reply.
  2. I bought DR2 on Oculus the hour it was released. It ran great with the Oculus SDK, but at that time all my friends that had it on Steam where having significant problems running it at a decent frame rate and without graphical glitches. Can anyone tell me if this has been patched and running smooth in Steam VR? The Reason I ask is that I am getting out of the Facebook ecosystem - selling my Rift and getting a none Facebook HMD. Dirt Rally is the one game I do not want to leave behind.