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  1. EggBerry

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    I have been having this error all day. Unable to log in. I'm watching @FusionJohn racing on Twitch and this is bugging the hell out of me.
  2. EggBerry

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Haven't posted any videos over here lately, because I've been working on a special one about Dirt Rally 2, Rally racing, and life. Give it a watch if you would and let me know what you think. Big shout out to @PJTierney for his constant assistance and encouragement to new DR 2/Rally sim drivers.
  3. I originally bought PC Dirt Rally 2.0 on the MS/Xbox store, but there were problems with the DLC. So I returned the XBox version, got a refund and purchased the Steam version and it plays great. (I posted about this mess in the forums here) However, in the time I had the MS/XBox version, I apparently entered an event in the Official Dirt Rally 2.0 Club under the MS/XBox "platform," and now I can't access the event, since I don't have that "version" any longer. The event reads: "This event is already in progress on this RaceNet account via another linked platform. Once an event has been started it can only be continued on that platform." I remember specifically entering that event thinking that I was on PC, so I'd be able to continue on PC. Everything else is tied to my Steam account on PC and my separate XBox version. Who would I talk to about the possibility of wiping my MS/Xbox "platform" out of the Event/Club so I can use it. I had 2 points in the event, and I don't care if I lose them. thanks
  4. Driving through stages on the weekly challenge in Sweden, I was having a really difficult time distinguishing where the road stopped and the snow began in some areas (sunny mid-morning? sun). After suffering terminal damage (126 mph into a pile of logs) on stage 7, I figured it might be a good piece of extra to offer some kind of snow glasses, or a filter that would knock back some of the glare off the snow.
  5. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I've had some really good runs in Sweden. The "snow bumpers" help me stay on the road
  6. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    Tell me someone has done impersonations of famous people as co-drivers - Morgan Freeman, Bob Dylan, Sean Connery, etc. I have to see that.
  7. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I have to say that every location I've raced so far (haven't gotten to Greece) has been gorgeous, but Scotland was a nasty brute the first time I rode through it and I still couldn't help but catch a glance at the well-rendered trees. Which reminds me of Finland. The NPCs in Finland at night make the drive special.
  8. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    Because there's so much stuff to race through! What would be funny would be to get Sean Connery or Craig Ferguson to do a couple of special Scotland co-driver calls. That would be DLC I'd paid good money for!
  9. EggBerry

    Good clubs for beginners?

    I already joined the official Codemasters club, but I'm looking to expand to more online interaction with other racers. I admit, I gave up after about 15 pages of clubs with 1 member in the DR2 "find a club" listing before giving up. Other than platform and controller, I can't see a good way to find clubs that I might reasonably enjoy as a new sim racer. These are some characteristics I'm hoping to find. Maybe someone can recommend some clubs or point me somewhere to a more categorical (and current) list. Mostly Stage Rally only Accepting of beginners, different platforms, different controllers Has a variety of events across different classes - no RWD B group only club for me! :) Easy-going attitude - Living in the U.S. gives me enough drama, I don't need more in a racing club. Those are the basics I'd like to see, within a range. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I just went through Scotland again and was reminded of one of the early lessons I learned the hard way: Whatever you do, stay out of the ditches in Scotland. (said in a gruff Scottish accent)
  11. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I've been able to turn off everything but the progress bar and the instrument cluster, which I use because I have a hard time seeing which gear is in use on some of the dashboards. I tried getting rid of the progress bar, but I think it made my paranoia about screwing up the stage even worse! I'll probably try it again in a couple days. Getting a gear shifting pattern and a bit better understanding of braking has helped my confidence some. I have to admit, sometimes the co-driver's tone of voice is just out of context, like he's really excited that there's a Right 3 Left 6 up ahead! That gets my heart pumping lol.
  12. I had to learn how to drive a shift stick in a church parking lot after I'd purchased my friend's Mazda 323 before I could drive it to work the day of. He let me have it for $500 because it's all I could afford. Great little car, like this one except sort of brown/tan.
  13. I'm assuming this would be where I could post my progress notes, so here goes for the past week or so

    • Finished some Monthly Challenges and Weekly Challenges.
    • Got more familiar with the H2 (FWD), R2 and R5 groups.
    • Avoiding all RWD groups and really high power groups until I'm better at driving.
    • Made a decent run at the Daily Challenge H2FWD Australia stage in a Golf GTI 16V.
    • Made it through a brutal stage in New England in a Fiesta R5 MKII, giving me a great screenshot to serve as the official rally car mascot of EBR. :)
    • Working on integrating tuning setups into the race flow. Trying to learn to use sim racing wheel with 540 rotation.
    • Learning how to navigate through all the useful information spread across the Internet.


  14. I think I saw someone mention an add-on or something that would keep your telemetry in DR2 in a thread here, but now I can't find it. My question is somewhat related, and maybe I'm an idiot for not finding it yet, but where can I find my results from all the races I've done? I see them flash by at the end of each stage and event, but not sure where they'd be collected so I can look back on them? Thanks.
  15. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    Now that I'm getting a bit more comfortable with all the other things one has to manage on stage, I've begun to notice more how the setups make subtle differences. I had the same experience switching from semi-manual transmission to manual sequential - The difference in control was astonishing. I may not have immediately cut seconds off my time, but I knew this was how I was going to cut seconds off my time. ;)