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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    I have been having this error all day. Unable to log in. I'm watching @FusionJohn racing on Twitch and this is bugging the hell out of me.
  2. EggBerry

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Haven't posted any videos over here lately, because I've been working on a special one about Dirt Rally 2, Rally racing, and life. Give it a watch if you would and let me know what you think. Big shout out to @PJTierney for his constant assistance and encouragement to new DR 2/Rally sim drivers.
  3. I originally bought PC Dirt Rally 2.0 on the MS/Xbox store, but there were problems with the DLC. So I returned the XBox version, got a refund and purchased the Steam version and it plays great. (I posted about this mess in the forums here) However, in the time I had the MS/XBox version, I apparently entered an event in the Official Dirt Rally 2.0 Club under the MS/XBox "platform," and now I can't access the event, since I don't have that "version" any longer. The event reads: "This event is already in progress on this RaceNet account via another linked platform. Once an event has been started it can only be continued on that platform." I remember specifically entering that event thinking that I was on PC, so I'd be able to continue on PC. Everything else is tied to my Steam account on PC and my separate XBox version. Who would I talk to about the possibility of wiping my MS/Xbox "platform" out of the Event/Club so I can use it. I had 2 points in the event, and I don't care if I lose them. thanks
  4. Driving through stages on the weekly challenge in Sweden, I was having a really difficult time distinguishing where the road stopped and the snow began in some areas (sunny mid-morning? sun). After suffering terminal damage (126 mph into a pile of logs) on stage 7, I figured it might be a good piece of extra to offer some kind of snow glasses, or a filter that would knock back some of the glare off the snow.
  5. Driving update: I must be improving, because the stages are getting harder. I was beaten up this week by Spain, Argentina, Wales, New England, Australia and Poland. Each had their own lessons to teach me, and oh boy, did I learn them over and over. One Challenge Stage I drove on Wednesday managed to stand out more than the others and prompted some questions that experienced folks might be inclined to chime in on. Do you ever just abandon a stage before terminal damage? If so, how often would you estimate that you do so? Do you ever have points in a stage when you take one too many seconds after your car has ended up somewhere off the road, or you made a miscalculation and thought "Maybe today is not the day for this stage."? How does your driving change after you've had a setback and realize this stage is way more than you thought? (if that ever happens to anyone else? Does anyone else find that there's always a "boss" at the end of stages right before the finish? Maybe I'm just too fast trying to get to the end of the stage, but I find that somewhere in the last leg, there's a corner combo or a stand of trees or a stray boulder that wait to throw you off your race. That's where I put together this video, which is part Rally stage replay and part narration. There's the doubt, and then the wipeout at the end. I'm so glad they don't expect your car to only go through those little gates at finish :D
  6. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I've had some really good runs in Sweden. The "snow bumpers" help me stay on the road
  7. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    Tell me someone has done impersonations of famous people as co-drivers - Morgan Freeman, Bob Dylan, Sean Connery, etc. I have to see that.
  8. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I have to say that every location I've raced so far (haven't gotten to Greece) has been gorgeous, but Scotland was a nasty brute the first time I rode through it and I still couldn't help but catch a glance at the well-rendered trees. Which reminds me of Finland. The NPCs in Finland at night make the drive special.
  9. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    Because there's so much stuff to race through! What would be funny would be to get Sean Connery or Craig Ferguson to do a couple of special Scotland co-driver calls. That would be DLC I'd paid good money for!
  10. EggBerry

    Good clubs for beginners?

    I already joined the official Codemasters club, but I'm looking to expand to more online interaction with other racers. I admit, I gave up after about 15 pages of clubs with 1 member in the DR2 "find a club" listing before giving up. Other than platform and controller, I can't see a good way to find clubs that I might reasonably enjoy as a new sim racer. These are some characteristics I'm hoping to find. Maybe someone can recommend some clubs or point me somewhere to a more categorical (and current) list. Mostly Stage Rally only Accepting of beginners, different platforms, different controllers Has a variety of events across different classes - no RWD B group only club for me! :) Easy-going attitude - Living in the U.S. gives me enough drama, I don't need more in a racing club. Those are the basics I'd like to see, within a range. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I just went through Scotland again and was reminded of one of the early lessons I learned the hard way: Whatever you do, stay out of the ditches in Scotland. (said in a gruff Scottish accent)
  12. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I've been able to turn off everything but the progress bar and the instrument cluster, which I use because I have a hard time seeing which gear is in use on some of the dashboards. I tried getting rid of the progress bar, but I think it made my paranoia about screwing up the stage even worse! I'll probably try it again in a couple days. Getting a gear shifting pattern and a bit better understanding of braking has helped my confidence some. I have to admit, sometimes the co-driver's tone of voice is just out of context, like he's really excited that there's a Right 3 Left 6 up ahead! That gets my heart pumping lol.
  13. I had to learn how to drive a shift stick in a church parking lot after I'd purchased my friend's Mazda 323 before I could drive it to work the day of. He let me have it for $500 because it's all I could afford. Great little car, like this one except sort of brown/tan.
  14. I'm assuming this would be where I could post my progress notes, so here goes for the past week or so

    • Finished some Monthly Challenges and Weekly Challenges.
    • Got more familiar with the H2 (FWD), R2 and R5 groups.
    • Avoiding all RWD groups and really high power groups until I'm better at driving.
    • Made a decent run at the Daily Challenge H2FWD Australia stage in a Golf GTI 16V.
    • Made it through a brutal stage in New England in a Fiesta R5 MKII, giving me a great screenshot to serve as the official rally car mascot of EBR. :)
    • Working on integrating tuning setups into the race flow. Trying to learn to use sim racing wheel with 540 rotation.
    • Learning how to navigate through all the useful information spread across the Internet.


  15. I think I saw someone mention an add-on or something that would keep your telemetry in DR2 in a thread here, but now I can't find it. My question is somewhat related, and maybe I'm an idiot for not finding it yet, but where can I find my results from all the races I've done? I see them flash by at the end of each stage and event, but not sure where they'd be collected so I can look back on them? Thanks.
  16. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    Now that I'm getting a bit more comfortable with all the other things one has to manage on stage, I've begun to notice more how the setups make subtle differences. I had the same experience switching from semi-manual transmission to manual sequential - The difference in control was astonishing. I may not have immediately cut seconds off my time, but I knew this was how I was going to cut seconds off my time. ;)
  17. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    Thanks. I didn't think about Film Noir, but I can see that now, hah! I definitely hope to do more of them. I already have something written about Shakedowns. :) I will likely switch back and forth between a controller and the wheel, just because I started with the controller, and it works reasonably well for where I am right now. And yeah, sometimes I just want to race without having to get "behind the wheel" haha. I do notice that "choking" fear, alternating with "oh ****, I've got to catch up on time!" panic. Neither of which are good for driving. Your last statement has been the story of my "career" so far - It's almost like when I get into a nice stretch of turns and everything's hitting well, I start thinking too much.
  18. I have installed a Thrustmaster TMX on a stand, and I'm attempting to learn how to use it instead of the controller. The first realization I came to is: How does anyone use the paddles to shift in rally?! My hands were turning so far I was losing track of which paddle was where (to say nothing of the handbrake). I decided I need a gear shifter, but not sure what would be a good choice - it's my first one, but I don't want to be buying another in 6 months because the first one is too flimsy/unrealistic. Is there another "hack" that I could use to get the shifters off the wheel? Suggestions? Now, I've also dipped my toe into RallyCross, and I am completely lost. It seems to me a race born of an unholy tryst between stage rally and motocross. It's everything about racing that stage rally isn't - circuit-based multi-car lap-time events with "Joker" laps and insane speeds in a small package. Just curious how many players enjoy both racing styles, or do most prefer one or the other?
  19. EggBerry

    Steering Wheels, Shifting and Rallycross

    This is very valuable information. I definitely will change the rotation! Maybe that will help with the paddling.
  20. EggBerry

    WERC - III WERC Rally Championship 2020

    Didn't get into DR2 until late in the season, but this definitely looks like a fun event.
  21. EggBerry

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    What would be cool is if you could have Continental champions from 6 (assuming there are no Antarctic competitors) continents. The top of those would then go to the World Series Rally, with stages. :)
  22. EggBerry

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    I'm on both X-Box and PC, but started the series on my PC, so I can't take advantage of an edge I wouldn't have had anyway haha.
  23. EggBerry

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    I posted a question about my steering wheel in a separate topic. I've got it on a stand, but can't use the paddle shifters to save my life.
  24. I have abandoned so many rallycross stages so far because it's such a different experience from stage rallies, and I'm just getting my head wrapped around that.
  25. EggBerry

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Here's a video of a Daily Challenge stage that I spent way too much time editing. Let me know what you think. A caution: I've only been driving Rally 2.0 for about a month now. :)