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  1. HHulkH

    F1 2021

    I love your optimism and in theory 2021 should be that game with last year’s tracks but I am doubtful CM’s budget would stretch that far to deliver this. Really hope i’m wrong and would settle for a DLC update
  2. HHulkH

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    I fear this is was rushed through so that F2 2020 wouldn’t release in 2021 which would bring more criticism. Hopefully this gets added in to My Team because right now it’s in the features I’m not so bothered about. Thank you Codies but having left this so late in the year we have expected this to be properly implemented by December
  3. Along with asking about the tyres sometimes, I’m never able to ask Jeff for updates on how the car is looking while playing on PS4. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. HHulkH

    Lack of AI mistakes and crashes

    This really does need improving. FPS shooters can get by with basic AI because multiplayer is where the main appeal is for those games. Meanwhile the online racing lobbies are a nightmare so it’s the offline races that make myself and so many others buy this game so the AI can’t be robotic in its perfection. The Race Director sections should be filled with drama and encourage me to scout through the race replay but the list is often empty and if there is anything it’s usually a minor bump.
  5. Hi CM, Playing on a PS4 with splitscreen I’ve had a lot of issues with the mirrors being very glitchy before the start of the race. This is most noticeable with player 2’s car. Racing with classic cars, player 2 always seems to have to start from the pit lane after a one-shot qualifying even if there weren’t any penalties issued. The map feature is very useful to have but player 2’s radar highlights player 1’s position which isn’t great. Please can you help look into these and try to have them fixed in the next patch, thanks,
  6. I found recent playing on PS4 Splitscreen with classic cars that player 2 always seemed to start in the pit lane without any explanation and it seems like a glitch. Please can this be looked into?
  7. HHulkH

    Things to look into for F1 2021

    I'd really like to echo the above because if done properly it would really add to that level of immersion. So far I've seen this happen once since getting the game on release and it's a shame all we see are the occasional bumps with a fair few mechanical failures. To see drivers spin-out would be awesome with all of the dust and smoke. One of the big selling features that convinced me to get this (besides MyTeam) is split-screen which is nice to have but the lack of team radio is disappointing. The option button was there on release but has been patched out since then. Hopefully this gets added in another update but I'm not holding out much hope.