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  1. Oh, nice. I've been practicing Noorinbee Ridge Ascent couple of weeks every now and then..šŸ˜” And it's still wrong in the schedule. Are 10th and 17th november tracks right in the schedule?
  2. Maybe I explained myself wrong. I tried to ask is cars default tune setup in time trial equal to stock setup in World series qualifier? Of course I know that I can tune setups in time trial.. But as I mentioned, time trial default tune and qualifier stock setup felt different.
  3. I don't understand.. I drove 4.41 in practice (free run time trial) and in real World series run got time 4.50. I spinned out, because of low grip and I also felt that gear ratio was not the same. Maybe this is a stupid question, but is cars always in 'stock' setup in time trial? And can it be considered that car is in same setup in World series stage? I just can't believe that 4.19 time is possibile, if you can't practice exactly the same setup and surface degradation..
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