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  1. Aggressive AI mean's, aggressive race craft, especially with regards to defensive driving. It does not mean programming the AI to drive through the player's car at certain times.

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    My question was aimed at Blent, who tried to make the comparison, by claiming that F1 2020 physics and AI has definitely surpassed the GP series, a belief which I don't share. I was asking how he came to this conclusion. I agree with what you are saying. If the series was owned by either Sony studios or Geoff Crammond, the game would be more detailed and closer to the real thing.

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    How exactly, has F1 2020 definitely surpassed Grand Prix 4, in both physics and AI.

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I agree with your assessment, regarding the core areas of f1 2020; the game is dull and very boring. There is an old saying, jack of all trades but master of none. That saying fits the game very well. Despite having most of the features you would want in a f1 game, it still doesn't deliver what is expected.

    Critical aspects of F1 2020

    You could ask the same question about beta testers who are suppose to be testing the handling, in order to improve the final product. It's exactly what the OP said, they listened to mainly the criticisms of real drivers, rather than having an in-depth conversation with them about the handling. Then they simplified the car's behavior by adding so much down force, to the point where the car's seems stuck to the tracks.

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Arcade = Physics that are made up to imitate, rather than trying simulating the real thing.

    F1® 2020 | Zandvoort Hotlap

    I didn't grin from ear to ear because there are no virtual mirrors.

    Codemasters a bit disconnected.

    If they have made up some new fictional handling physics, ( handling additions and alterations ) the last people they would want taking part in the beta testing, are F1 drivers.
  9. While F1 2019 may simulate the rules, the physical parts of the game are totally arcade.
  10. LEWISt17KIMI

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    While the ''look left'' and ''look right'' options might work well with the ai's in codies game, you will struggle against a human player. You only need to check out all the cockpit racers on youtube, they all race, only against the ai's, but I could be wrong.
  11. LEWISt17KIMI

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    It would be interesting to see how forum members who use the cockpit view, race against other human players without the use of usable mirrors. If the player sits in the correct position, the mirrors are totally useless; to the point where even Londo Noris can't defend himself against ai's that can barely pull off a decent overtaking move.