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  1. The reason why Portimao seem so accurate, is probably because the data used in its creation, was taken from the PC2 version of the circuit, which was drone laser scanned.
  2. From what I have seen in the early build, the ai race craft performance is identical to the F1 2020 game version, despite what the youtubers may claim. Also why would cm improve the ai, and then tell the youtubers who are suppose to be promoting game, not to say anything about it.
  3. Although I could be wrong, I doubt if cm have updated the ai from F1 2020, in the early build. For this reason, the youtubers were told specifically, not to talk about the ai.
  4. The problem is, many of these people, not all, are just speculating on a subject they know very little about.
  5. Why don't you explain to us exactly, how you would spend a whole 2 weeks making modelling, and texturing changes to turn 10.
  6. If I was to say that this track required more than a week of modifications, I would be exaggerating. The Barcelona circuit would require even less time. CM should have put more effort into updated these tracks for the launch date, given that no one knows when the three new track will be ready for the game. As it stands, the game will be launch with just the old tracks.
  7. I was referring F1 2020, and yes I have seen the driver fault options in the F1 2021 reviews. Although I could be wrong, it seems like the options are only available in the career modes.
  8. AI have being behaving like humans since the launch of GP4, or even before. Random failure for AI by default, should never be in game, until the player also have the same option, where he or she can choose whether use it or not.
  9. I am certain if you looked hard enough, you can find identical aarava\tiametmarduk videos from last year pointing out the same supposedly improvements. They said it them self, they were told by cm not to comment on the ai, and the reason could be, that their race craft are not yet updated. aarava\tiametmarduk reviews are always a bit contrived. There is nothing tricky about assessing the AI performance between difficulties such as 25/110. They have identical race craft. The 110 AI simple drives the lap a lot faster.
  10. So what exactly are the AI's doing, in these videos, that is so different from the ones in F1 2020.
  11. There was no need to make the point in the first place. Whenever anyone tries to have a conversation about improving the game physics, someone on the forum always start talking about subjects such as, if we got the chance to drive something identical to the real thing, (I have doubts whether a real F1 sim, can actually simulator exactly the real thing) or they might even mention something about g forces, which sounds way out of context, given that we play these games with a wheel or a pad. They usually bring up these subject, in a subtle attempt to close the discussion down. Yes I know B
  12. No I wasn't referring to the technical changes with regards to the regulations. The idea that cm would follow every changes related to the technical regulations in real life, is also very unlikely. Yes cm did re-valuate and rethink the handling, because they got it completely wrong in the first place. Through some of the varied corners, (both slow and fast) the handling was unstable with regards to grip levels. The cars lacked down force to the point where even a real F1 driver, (Nico Hulkenberg) using a steering wheel, had to resort to using traction control, on a game designed to be used wit
  13. The only difference in handling between F1 2019 and F1 2020, is the latter has more down force through the high speed corners, which I think George Russell was referring to, when he mentioned game improvement. F1 2020 overall handling is basically the same as the 2019 game, with some minor tweaks: Its the same handling physic which Londo Norris claimed, felt nothing like an f1 car. Yes the cars easier to drive, but despite your claims, there was no massive step closer to the real thing.
  14. It's not irrelevant a tall. Codemaster would need to find a way to build those tracks very quickly. Not to necessarily satisfy the FOM, but to protect the fan base they have built up. You seem to have basically answered part of the question, without realizing it. Codemaster would not, and do not need, to send any of their employees to any locations in the middle of a pandemic, in order to complete tracks. They are more than capable of building curcuits, without the need to travel. They even said something to that effect in track building video, when they spoke about how they built the indian c
  15. Where there is a will, there is a way. Yes track building can be time consuming, but some of the things they said about the difficulties of track building, in the zandvoort video, are a bit over exaggerated, and they are doing it for a reason. Ask yourself this question, if the FOM approached Codemaster last year between the period june to late july, and suggested to them that they had to build six tracks (imola, algarve, istanbul, mugello, bahrain outer curcuit, nurburgring) and also jeddah, to replace current tracks in the 2021 season, because of the on going pandemic, what do you think woul
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