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  1. luigisven151

    Custom tracks

    I've been thinking for a while about this now, but, what about if we had an option to make custom tracks for racing leagues within F1 2020? I mean, it would be surely be a cool thing to do, maybe it could get added on the next F1 game, F1 2021.. Well, I hope they will add an option to do that in the future, as that would be really cool to use for racing leagues as I said.
  2. luigisven151

    Add more features to split screen

    So, my friend and I wanted to do a short championship using F1 2020 Split Screen feature. The problem with that is we can't save the current session, meaning we would lose our progress if we're tired of playing. However, we've also wanted to be able to include Free Practice and Qualifying sessions to our split screen championship, but we could only do a one shot qualifying session and then proceeding with a 25% race. Plus, we would like if flags & rules and the Safety Car could be included in both driving modes (Realistic and Semplified ones). Finally, you could fix this issue where if you have more than one controller control scheme it could easily switch on your friend's control scheme when racing alone. Oh, and this is a minor suggestion but I'm gonna put it there: can you please make it so HUD settings and other settings are not shared when playing Split Screen? That would be much appreciated. If you include those little features I've stated above you could make Split Screen more interesting to use as you could make a short championship with your friend if you want. Maybe you could do a sort of Split Screen career mode in the future, who knows?