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  1. mattw404


    That's okay, they already managed to get Barcelona, Gilles Villeneuve, and Suzuka completely wrong, before covid was even a thing.
  2. The real question is, how many would he have won if he was not forced into retirement in 2007 to make way for Kimi Raikkonen. My guess is he would have won in 2007 and 2008.
  3. mattw404

    What do upgrades do?

    When you look at the details of an R&D upgrade, it will tell you which performance factor it is upgrading. Weight reduction is one type of chassis upgrade, for example. Try watching the video "F1 2020 Performance Patch Game File Analysis" on Alex Gillon's youtube channel if you want to learn about the car performance stats. Front downforce, Rear Downforce, Weight, Drag, and Engine power are the main stats that differentiate car performance. But the video goes into much more detail.
  4. mattw404

    Bars or suspension for traction?

    It depends on what kind of corners the track has. If it has long flowing corners, lower the rear anti-roll bar. If it has sharp, short corners, lower the rear suspension.
  5. mattw404

    Top speeds after Performance Update

    Nice, this seems pretty accurate and shows that drag plays just as big a role in top speed as engine power does (at least in the game it does).
  6. Hi Barry, you can also use Logitech Gaming Software instead of GHUB. It has a simpler interface, which I prefer, but the same functionality. Platform, wheel: PC, G920 Also, as a G920 user, having an xbox 360 controller plugged in while running the game with the G920 causes some undesired button remapping on the G920. Unplugging any controllers when playing with a wheel is a safe bet to avoid any such issues. Lastly, leaving wheel damper on 0 allows for feeling the most details from the force feedback. This may feel uncomfortable for some people though, since the wheel will feel lighter in moments of low feedback.
  7. mattw404

    G29 slow speed turning issues

    This isn't an issue with your wheel or the wheel settings. I have the same wheel. The handling model in the game is what causes this. At low speeds in F1 2020, there is no momentum and no grip, so the wheel loses all of it's weight. The way to counteract this is to go back on the throttle almost as soon as you stop breaking. Very very lightly at first, slowly adding more throttle as you exit the turn. This helps to maintain momentum and grip.
  8. You don't actually have to set a new clean lap. Simply going to track erases the personal best.
  9. @lunamoon I experienced the same issue and tested it. The Multiplayer car appears to not be the issue. I experienced my personal best being wiped simply by entering a time trial lap in a McLaren. I replicated the issue in a Mercedes on Hanoi. Loading into the time trial game mode alone does not wipe your personal best, as it is still viewable on the friends leaderboard from the garage. However, starting a lap does erase your personal best and clears your friends leaderboard as well. I'm also on PC/Steam.