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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Formula Masters Series still has 2 open seats and we’d love for you guys to fill them. We‘re a new league that promises only the fairest of racing. As of right now we only operate one tier but that might be subject to change in the future. We welcome all assists apart from Braking assist and pit assists. We only ask you to bring 2 things to the table: fairness and reliability. We also have some unique features that you won’t find anywhere else such as our podium celebrations including the national anthems of the winner/constructor. Races are Wednesday nights 7pm GMT and we run a short quali + 50% race distance. If you’re interested in joining or have any further questions don’t hesitate sending me a PM. We’d love to welcome you on track. https://discord.gg/QU9QATw
  2. AOR_Indianjesus

    (PS4) Last call to join FMS

    We only have 2 spots left in the Formula Masters Series. The season will start on the 5th of October. Races are at 9pm UK time on mondays. Full Qualifying Format and 50% race distance
  3. AOR_Indianjesus

    (PS4) Last call to join FMS

    Yes. Can you DM me your TT times for Silverstone and Singapore?
  4. AOR_Indianjesus

    Formula Masters Series (PS4)

    This is going to be a new league of the highest quality. We are aiming to build an exciting league with a competitive grid that is separated by less than a second, so that everyone could win a race on any given day. This will not be a beginners league but at the same time we will not limit you when it comes to assists as you’re welcome to join if you meet the criteria regarding pace and racecraft. The league format will be as follows: Full Qualifying Format 50% Race distance Full vehicle damage SC will be enabled Dynamic weather Full F1 calendar Trials and seeding events will be held in the upcoming weeks and our discord server will be opened very shortly. If you are interested in joining please react below or get directly in touch with me.
  5. AOR_Indianjesus

    Formula Masters Series (PS4)

    Info for everyone: Races will be Monday nights 7pm UK