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  1. Each time I've tried to join a league it gets stuck on loading, I've tried to solve this issue by checking the integrity of my game cage on steam and I've even tried to completely reinstall the game however neither of those two worked and the issue persisted. At this point I have no dea what to do. Everytime I try to join a league event (created by someone else or myself) It goes to the joining screen but then gets stuck and won't join as something looking like a EULA pops up behind it but I can't accept it or anything. Please help I'd really like to play with my friends again.
  2. Hi I've been playing F1 2020 for a while now with friends and we always use Teamspeak to communicate. The problem is now that often when we play (not always) the game will lower the teamspeak volume. I've tried to get it back up and I've used the fix in the previous games but that didn't work. Is there something else I can try?
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