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  1. Hi, I just bought the wheel (Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel USB) and wanted to try it in F1, unfortunately when Force Feedback is turned on I get low FPS (~36), happens in both F1 2018 (1.16) and 2019 (1.22) (don't have others to test), I don't think it's fault of my PC as the CPU and GPU aren't fully utilized, and the game work perfectly with FFB turned off, also it isn't a problem with other racing games, but I have attached DXDiag anyway. Also find attached game saves and hardware settings from F1 2019. I found reddit post with what looks like same problem in The Crew, someone said that it's a driver problem and suggested adjusting FFB update rate, though I don't know if it's possible to adjust in F1 and if so where is it. Is there any fix for my problem? Edit: I have managed to improve my situation: turns out that plugging into back panel USB 3.1 ports, but not front panel USB 3.1, locks the game to ~50 FPS (AFAIK back panel 3.1 ports are routed directly to the processor, while front ones go through the chipset), at least the game is playable now, but still not ideal, would love some fix. F1 2019 saves.zip F1 2019 hardware settings.zip DxDiag.txt