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  1. ChrisAllen

    Dial explanation?

    That's great, thanks
  2. So after a dismal qualifying where I got taken out by another car and had to retire from the session putting me dead last on the grid, I get greated by "Great day, lets have your take on it", nope that just breaks the immersion for me. Also set weather conditions for the interviews the same as preceeding session as I was in a downpour then got interviewed in bright sunshine!
  3. ChrisAllen

    Dial explanation?

    Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of an explanation of what is shown on the "Dial" in game? Some bits are obvious and need no explanation liek speed, current gear, etc But I'm confused as to what I've highlighted in the screenshot attached. I think the top yellow bar is remaining battery but then why have the percentage as well also I dont know what the icons in the bottom right long box mean. for example sometimes I get a red spanner icon or a blue spanner icon and I have no clue as to what they mean thanks