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  1. Myself and my buddy both out in Q1 and are forced to watch Q2 and Q3 with out a way to skip is horrendous Codies needs to add a Skip feature........................
  2. You can choice 20-16-10 Race schedule Lengths currently there is 21 Tracks until the Free Update so you could Swap out Monaco with China that is the only one Off the Official Calendar right now.
  3. Yea There is no way EA/Codies get the Indy Car Game License at this time if the current partnership goes to **** they might be able to swoop in but that wont happen anytime soon my guess is.
  4. I really like this idea with how the AI.... Last Year i could run most tracks 95-97 this year i am feeling like the Ai has improved and the way the tracks perform that its Different and finding it a pain to figure out Each Track AI level with keeping it still Challenging.
  5. Hmm Weird i bought Standard and got my Coins after reading Emails in game. I did ready some where tho before that others have had this issue and had to run a Quick Grand Prix before it should up.
  6. I believe you have to restart your Career once you disable them at the start in order to use them. I am not 100% tho
  7. well at least i am not crazy and not the only one. But yea as i said 95-97 last year i could match team mate same level this year back like 2 seconds. As for turning off assists i am working on it but i am limited to when i play with work so it takes me longer i used to have assists fully on max so i have improved but still got some way to go.
  8. Anyone have issues with changing Tyre Allocation in Coop my buddy and i can not stuck with more softs then anything.
  9. Last year i was 95-97 this year so far in a AI Comparison test i am 2 seconds off my team mate with this level. Currently i am around 85-87 in this years game. I personally feel like my driving has not changed for myself. Has the Ai been improved that much or is it just OP right now. I do run assists and i am on Pad i am working on decreasing assists more. Breaking assist : Med Working on Lowering it to Low Traction Control : Off Gears : Automatic - I have never been great in Manuel gears any game no matter how much i try. ERS : Automatic - Starting to learn Manuel this year ye
  10. NickD94

    What AI level?

    Last Year i was 95-97 and that puts be 2 seconds down this year i have had to drop to 85-87 when doing a AI comparison test. idk if its just me or if the Ai has been Improved a lot or Just OP..... Cause i was fine last year now i feel like i am ****.
  11. NickD94


    If i Were to Re install say the game i have the digital Version will i lose the Pitcoins i already have ?
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