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  1. JD111

    Newbie Questions

    Thanks, i'll move to tilt and start from scratch, easier way to do it then learning that later. Can I get away with low assists or is it better with them all off?
  2. JD111

    Newbie Questions

    yeh i do, i havent been playing that long and just wanted to get some tracks so play with all of them turned on
  3. JD111

    Newbie Questions

    thanks, i'll give the assists off a go. Best to play with buttons or with just tilting the phone?
  4. JD111

    Newbie Questions

    Thanks very much! Yeh i find in a race and particularly first corner you will definitely hit someone, im using full assist so the AI just makes me fly into it. Also the computer stopping cars in the middle of a corner is really annoying, you cant do anything but hit them at full tilt. If anyone has a green rating im very impressed! i'll change my set up and see how i get on.
  5. JD111

    Newbie Questions

    Couple of newbie questions - apologies, only been playing a few days - On your profile bar in the top left, you have your car number, flag, helmet and then what looks like a controller with a yellow or red background with a number below it. What does this number and colour mean? - Any tips on general setup, from what ive read aero is king with a little bit of handling - is this correct? and then for street circuits put more handling in? Thanks