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  1. Hello, I'm the president of Rising Opossum (E-Sport association). We are actually doing a 3 months competition ( 3 rally of 10 stage each). League/club: Rising Opossum At the end of stage#4 a player (PC player) told us that his result was not save. What he saw was: - end stage#4 ( hawkes bay / ocean beatch spring reverse) - launch replay to save it for his youtube channel - press ESC Then ( here's the bug) he was send to main menu of racenet. When trying to go back to our championship, he is automatically on race #5 with no result on race#4. He gave us his replay, so we know he is ot trying to cheat. If he stay like that, the game consider that he surrender and it's useless for him to finish the championship. How can we put him back in the game ? Evenif we can't count his time, can we give him even a bad time so he will not be consider like a surrender. thanks for your answer.
  2. Hello, We're making the first league tournament of Martinica ( French West Indies) with our club: Rising Opossum. How can we make players to use default setting for their car ? We don't see any option to lock default setting. Thanks for your answer