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  1. The auto exposure/ eye adaptation in the cockpit view is wayyyyy too much, especially in VR. Is there any setting to tone it down or shut it off completely? I tried changing the HDR values in the settings file but it doesn't do anything at all. Turned off bloom as well. Please allow us to turn off auto exposure! Its especially bad in VR because your head moves and that triggers the auto exposure every few seconds.
  2. DR2 is awesome in the Reverb. I manage to run it at 150% SS even by turning down some other settings.
  3. It's definitely something with the game because I don't have this issue in other games, including Dirt Rally 1. I am trying to tweak the HDR setting but its not working. I also found dozens of other threads on this for other headsets, so its not just me. I will search some more. This happens to compensate for edge distortion. On a VR headset, you need to render 1.3x-1.4x times the native resolution (based on lenses) to achieve native resolution quality. If you render at the normal 1x native resolution, your picture quality is less than native because of edge distortion. Vi
  4. His mind. he has photographic memory! But yea, that happens when you set shadows to Low in VR. But I have set it to high once again. I am able to maintain 90 FPS but the contrast is still bad. Someone had posted that it was an issue with HDR setting or something.
  5. For me the biggest problem in VR is the contrast. Dark is way too dark and bright is way too bright. For example, in this screen shot you can see his face is so dark you cant even see it. Same with the dashboard. But everything else is bright. I am running on a Reverb with a 1080Ti and latest drivers.
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