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  1. i bought from steam the 70ies Edition with two DLC's and the Podium Pass. when i open the "itemshop" and select a challenge i cant select a challenge or race, also the career challenge - there are challenges i forfilled but they doesnt show up. Is this a bug - cause i cant find anything here in the topics. i show you my standard challenge screen here. Anyone here who can tell me whats goin on here? Thanks.
  2. Anastaazzia

    Driver transfers

    this would be good when teams change their drivers at the end of an season, or like you can see the one race Hulkenberg did for "corona perez" a respectable 7th place. yeah thums up for it. (what about an Editor for the whole game?)
  3. Anastaazzia

    Nerf Ferrari

    sorry - reason for grey is my buggy "dark reader" in chrome... sorry for that!
  4. Anastaazzia

    Nerf Ferrari

    so my question is: when did CM react to nerf all Ferrari Teams? i read all answers here but i'm not smarter than before. Is there no official answer here from a CM employee? i mean its their own forum and i hope that they will read and react. Cause i dont want to play with rebalancing mods (which wont work for me..) by the way: a game editor in the game would be fine - so we could balance this by ourself.. only an idea. but at least a ferrari nerf patch would be fine!
  5. Anastaazzia

    Nerf Ferrari

    now its middle of september.. patch 1.10 is out today, but Ferrari Engines are still TOO STRONG! I am in a career with Williams on 100% Ai. Last Race in Abu Dhabi Hamilton 1st - Leclerc 2nd - Vettel 3rd... Raikonen 7th and almost every Ferrari engine driver was in the points. It's ridicolous! When will Codemaster NERF the Ferrari Engines? There is a user mod for rebalancing - but it wont work for me. So i play with the original gamesetting - but as i say before. Ferrari is 2nd in Constructors WM behind Mercedes in my actual career... 😣 Any answers for me? cause the original post here is over 2 months old and nothing happened..