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  1. cdrwmagnex

    Which F1 season would you want to see remastered?

    2000, 2009, 2012, 1997
  2. cdrwmagnex

    Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020 F1ers!

    Happy holidays to all the F1 games community
  3. cdrwmagnex

    Italiani presenti nel forum?

    I play with no assists, 105 AI. Gioco senza aiuti, livello 105. Tbh I am enjoying 2019 a lot, I am not experiencing game breaking bugs. Online is quite good from what I could see. Ad essere onesti F1 mi sta piacendo davvero tanto, non ho incontrato bug tali da rovinare l'esperienza di gioco. L'online è abbastanza buono da quello che ho visto giocando.
  4. cdrwmagnex

    Italiani presenti nel forum?

    I have been playing codemasters F1 games since F1 2010, I am 29 years old and from Bari. Gioco a F1 sin da F1 2010. Ho 29 anni e sono di Bari.
  5. cdrwmagnex


    please don't tell them to tune them down...'cause finally we got sparks after 2016 and 2017 when they roughly appeared
  6. cdrwmagnex

    Classic Cars for 2020

    in my humble opinion an entire f1 season is better than 10 cars spread in 30 years. bring back all the field from just a season codemasters made a game of, with all the tracks of course
  7. cdrwmagnex

    where is my trophy for the esports event?

    yeah, it's all there now. thank you so much for helping me out
  8. cdrwmagnex

    where is my trophy for the esports event?

    Playstation 4 platform. gamertag "DrCarter33"
  9. cdrwmagnex

    where is my trophy for the esports event?

    Hi barry and thanks for the answer. Unfortunately the mail page is empty, as of now
  10. the latest esports event is closed but I haven't been rewarded neither the trophy or the points
  11. cdrwmagnex

    Suggestions for Patch 1.17 (XBox1, PS4, PC)

    unfortunately they claimed that car performances will remain as they are now
  12. cdrwmagnex

    The most boring track on f1?

    boring to drive or to watch on tv, or most hated? I literally hate monaco, I race with a pad and it is so frustrating
  13. cdrwmagnex

    F1 eSports run @ interlagos

    This is my take, of course I am just a noob but I am pretty happy about this. Of course I race with no assists whatsoever, and with a pad. 105 AI. Enjoy. What do you think about it? https://youtu.be/A50gQ_sGnVQ
  14. cdrwmagnex

    Choose opponents' classic cars?

    This is actually a very good point