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  1. I play offline only, and it's the best experience I have recently had
  2. The performance chart was fixed in 1.13 but I did a clean reinstall and suits are still low-rez even after 1.14 @BarryBL
  3. It will protect some parts
  4. Any reaction to this please? I did a clean reinstall and the issues remain
  5. Why? Team Red Bull wanted this livery to be featured in game, and I am sure the way it was implemented as LTM is the only technically possible way to have it in game. There are no folders in game files that allow to store different textures for one team and apply them on a switch.
  6. Hi guys! I have encountered two issues after the 1.12 patch. 1) The R&D performance history chart is skewed and has not enough space to showcase results 2) In pre-race grid preview my driver (and other drivers, it seems, too) has very low-res textures. This was not seen before the patch.
  7. I started since F1 2009, driven F11, F12, F16 and F20. F20 was great but in F1 2021 I am having an absolute blast (I play offline)
  8. It’s 21 now, guess it will be 23 with all tracks released
  9. Axaios

    Track Signage

    There is a huge number of mods at racedepartment website specifically dedicated to recreating track signage authenticity. I believe they have updated all tracks by now. Maybe you’d want to check it out?
  10. If you do not see all settings when starting a career, please make sure you enabled expert style.
  11. Guys, not sure where to post it, but it says what do we want, so… has there been any news on increasing save slots in the coming patches? At least 3 for driver and 3 for myteam career?
  12. Could you please share the color codes?
  13. I fully agree, I would love to win Indycar championship and then get transferred to F1 to emulate how some real-life drivers have done. Oh, and having spent 10 years in F1 I want to race in DTM for another two years. Also, having a career with classic cars would be amazing, like picking Hunt in 1973 and driving for another 10 years with authentic tracks and drivers! I am 100% sure all players will support me on this, so Codies should do it!
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