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  1. @BarryBL Dear Barry, can you please check if this is a bug or by design this year? So that I know if I must start with Ferrari if I want to be paired with Leclerc, otherwise it will always be Sainz. many thanks in advance!
  2. A detailed description of the issue. I was driving for Alpine and wanted to switch to Ferrari mid-season. I was sure that my teammate would be Leclerc, as he's this year's first driver. But my teammate was always Carlos. I alt-F4 the game more than 10 times to see if this is a random occurrence. I tried it with other teams to see if this is a generic issue, which is not the case it seems. Looks like only Ferrari is wrong. Here's who my partner waswith other teams: Williams - Klymek Mykalsky (dunno who this is, it says he's the reserve driver. But Russel got my place at Alpine
  3. That's a very plausible cause for this! Yes. With Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Aston Martin I tried 3 times, Ferrari - 10+ times, rest of the grid just once
  4. It was okay. But it made me wonder what if some of those RPG elements could been embedded in Driver or MyTeam career? I guess majority of players want to create their own story rather than follow an existing one in game - we have real F1 championship for this.
  5. It's a sad feeling, really. I absolutely love the new handling, and everything that happens on track. But 3 things spoil my enjoyment so far - the bugs that carry over from F1 2020 (like you always replace the first driver), damage not being shown on MFD so I have to figure out why it's so slow/slippery all of a sudden, and that - allegedly - we will have only 20 races per season even with the three new tracks released.
  6. Oh no! This happened to me too just now and ruined all my plans. I was driving for Alpine and wanted to switch to Ferrari mid-season. Leclerc was performing better than Sainz, plus he's the first driver, right? Guess what, switch I did but got paired with Carlos. I alt-F4 the game four times thinking this is random, but all the time got paired with Carlos! P.S. I tried it with other top teams. I correctly got paired with Hamilton, Verstappen! Looks like only Ferrari is wrong? Can anyone else reconfirm their findings? P.P.S. I tried it with all the teams, here's who my partner
  7. Happened to me too. I won the qualifying at Baku, but in the race after my first pit stop I was lapping 3 seconds slower than Williams. I suspected damage but both MFD and engine displays were green. I thought at first that AI was unbalanced, but having restarted the race I managed to finish 3rd. So it was a damage issue that was not indicated I guess. I have sim damage settings.
  8. It is disappointing that, judging by the replies above, we can't have a 22/23-race season. I completely take on board that I could swap 2 tracks each year, but swapping 4 is strange.
  9. Well, in my case I created a new career after 1.12 dropped and still get this issue
  10. This also keeps happening to me and it really annoying to see huge trains of cars. I am playing Driver career, 100% race length. The most recent case for me was Spain. I saved and quit to main menu at lap 30. I did not close the game, and loaded into my save from main menu 3 hours later. Blue flags were neither shown, nor backmarker notification appeared on MFD. Also, cutting corners resulted in no penalty whatsoever (I even went along the old 3rd sector in Spain, bypassing the chicane, and no penalty was given). I had VSC that appeared correctly twice and yellow flag zone was corr
  11. Folks, I have done two races after the patch, and it looks to me as if backmarkers are not shown blue flags? They are not yielding racing lines and are racing me pretty hard. Anyone else experienced this? To be honest both times it happened to me the two cars were dueling it out between themselves, but still.... And theflashing blue light was nowhere to be seen
  12. Axaios

    Simulate race

    This happened to me too. I also do 100% races, so the rule for me now is to always manually save at the beginning of last lap, because being stuck at loading screen keeps happening at random, at least once every season. And yes, you can't sim once the session has been started.
  13. Hi guys - I have a problem with the new Striker helmet from Podium Pass 2. Even though I select it, this selection is not saved by the game and it defaults to another helmet as soon as I exit customization menu. Disregard this, another thread already exists
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