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  1. Well, in my case I created a new career after 1.12 dropped and still get this issue
  2. This also keeps happening to me and it really annoying to see huge trains of cars. I am playing Driver career, 100% race length. The most recent case for me was Spain. I saved and quit to main menu at lap 30. I did not close the game, and loaded into my save from main menu 3 hours later. Blue flags were neither shown, nor backmarker notification appeared on MFD. Also, cutting corners resulted in no penalty whatsoever (I even went along the old 3rd sector in Spain, bypassing the chicane, and no penalty was given). I had VSC that appeared correctly twice and yellow flag zone was correctly marked and flagged once. Platform: PC What version of the game you are using: 1.12 with mods We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? It happened every time mid-race save was used (Australia, Bahrain, Spain) How do you make the problem happen? Save the game mid race, exit the game to main menu and then return.
  3. Axaios

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Folks, I have done two races after the patch, and it looks to me as if backmarkers are not shown blue flags? They are not yielding racing lines and are racing me pretty hard. Anyone else experienced this? To be honest both times it happened to me the two cars were dueling it out between themselves, but still.... And theflashing blue light was nowhere to be seen
  4. Axaios

    Simulate race

    This happened to me too. I also do 100% races, so the rule for me now is to always manually save at the beginning of last lap, because being stuck at loading screen keeps happening at random, at least once every season. And yes, you can't sim once the session has been started.
  5. Hi guys - I have a problem with the new Striker helmet from Podium Pass 2. Even though I select it, this selection is not saved by the game and it defaults to another helmet as soon as I exit customization menu. Disregard this, another thread already exists