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  1. sjsharp2010

    What was your last purchase

    Sounds a little like my computer sometimes I think it talks a lot of ******** too. 😛
  2. sjsharp2010

    What was your last purchase

    Yeah won't likely be much more than a couple more years before I have to buy a new system as I don't think the motherboard I have can handle any more than what it's got on it and I've been thinking of taking a slight change of direction as to what's in my computer to make it a bit more practical. I'll stick with what I have for now but next time I need an upgrade that's when I'll make the change. Th eRAM and HDD/SSD stuff I'll likely keep the same as that's suiting me well it's more the CPU and GPU I'll likely be changing as I'll likely just go for a more powerful single GPU instead of a slightly cheaper SLI type system which my current one is. It'll be moer expensive but seeing as I'll only be buying 1 so it might save me some money that way whereas when buy for my current system I have to purchase 2. Also going back to an Intel CPU will be better as well given I'm not sure the AMD one I have is that efficient by todays standards. Don't get me wrong my current system has served me well but it has had it's issues
  3. sjsharp2010

    The Eurovision Song Contest 2019

    Yeah I have often watched it in the past like you I'm just thinking I'l give it a miss this year as there's not really any songs I'm liking that much.
  4. sjsharp2010

    The Eurovision Song Contest 2019

    Yeah there's usually 1 or 2 songs I like but this yea rI'm not really finding any so It looks like I'll be giving it a miss
  5. sjsharp2010


    I wouldn't say it's unrealistic as career mode is still a lot of fun it's just they've made some elements a little too easy by giving us a never ending stream of flashbacks. I think in terms of difficulty in actual racing is still there as tracks like Monaco for example I find are just as hard now as they were on the older games it's more the fact we have an endless stream of flashbacks so it doesn't really encourage us to try and improve so when we do run out we can then try to learn to do a better job on the next race I enjoy racing as myself but it's nice to have more of a challenge
  6. sjsharp2010


    Yeah they had it limited before in the older games where you had 4 per session max and if you tried to use it after that you couldn't but that was in the old games 2014 and earlier. TBH the current ones should be the same as you don't need an endless stream of them. Personally I try to keep count how many I've used and limit myself that way but it can get out of control. Because otherwise what's the point of the challenge if you can undo every mistake you make. Obviously we want to be able to get away with some as we're not Hamilton/Vettel or whatever and of course yes the penalty system can be a pain in the ass as well so it's good to have some for things like that but we don't need an endless stream of them otherwise you take away the challenge of what it means to be an F1 driver in the first place. We just need a limited number persession and maybe link it to whatever difficulty the player is running at. Or have an option that lets the player choose how many they want
  7. He probably doesn't run triple screens only a single one Very few people can afford the money or space t orun triple screens I know I certainly don't have either. As for the OP question I think the F1 games are mostly made with consoles in mind and on a build that can be shared across all platforms rather than just one same as with all the yearly based release games like FIFA plus CM probably fdon't hav the resources t odo thimgs that way like some other com,pani4es do given it's a tiny company compared with the likes of EA
  8. sjsharp2010

    Any chance to get a new GRID/TOCA game?

    no not yet as far as I know but Autosport did OK so I'd say as long as they do it in a similar fashion to tha tgame then it would be good. Just started playing through the Grid games myself again.
  9. sjsharp2010

    Official Football Thread

    Yeah I missed it as well as I can't afford those channels anymore I only saw the resul ton the BBC website and watched the highlights on youtube. My first thoughts were like Del boy "We've only gawn and done it." But I was really happy for them it's been a hard couple of seasons given we've not had a home as such and everything so to pull this off was incredible
  10. sjsharp2010

    Official Football Thread

    I don't know what Spurs are feeding their players right now but whatever it is I could use it. That was something I was not expecting Our firs tever Champions League Final. We've won the smaller prizes before like the Cup winners cup and Uefa cup in the past but never Europe's top prize and we're just 1 game away from pulling it off. I think regardless of what happens though I think whoever wins it'll be a great night for English football given Liverpool are the opponents so even if we did lose to Liverpool it would still be good for our football. Will be great to grace our new stadium with it's first trophy being the Champions League but I'm not getting my hopes up. But it would be somewhat of a fairytale ending to this season. Let Liverpool and Man City slog it out for the Premier League while we snatch the Champions League out from under their noses
  11. sjsharp2010

    Is F1 2019 Toro Rosso gameplay ?

    Yeah this is 2018 definitely as I can tell by the wheel as the gear number font is different in 2019 and the top energy bar I believe is yellow where as it's white in 2018 as shown here this isof course based on the vids I've seen from Aarava on 2019
  12. sjsharp2010

    F2 in Career Mode

    Yeah I agree because as much fun as the Journey in Fifa is it can sometimes feel a bit long winded with all the extra games as you get selected to play all of them. I do enjoy the Journey and getting gt oplay as Alex Hunter and all that and it was well crafted it's one of the main reasons why I still play it regardless. This storyline mode does sound quiet interesting and it looks like the game as a whole has had an overhaul this was not just some simple add on like say 2017 and 2018 are as 17 and 18 based on their graphics and how they play look like simple expansions on 16. I like 17 and 18 don't get me wrong and I still have no intention on getting 19 until I finish at least 1 of the career modes I have on the go but I'm not ruling out getting it later perhaps because I have to admit the graphics look really impressive and this story bit in career does still sound intriguing. Career definitely needed more work on 201 6so it's a good thing they focused on that for 2017 and 18 because despite it's optimisation issues for me 2017 was near perfect I wouldn't say 18 is as good as 17 because I prefer the way 2017 handled the whole contract system over 18's negotiate and sign with whoever you like approach. I still liked the interview and rule change system though and the way it adds a bit of unpredictability as to how things play out. But for me that's the only thing that kind of gets 18 anywhere near 16 and 17 imo because other than that it's pretty much as is with the other games or at leas t that's how it feels like to me. I still like and play 2018 but I'm just not sure I like it as much as 2017 is all
  13. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Yeah I didn't watch this year bu tthat's mostly due to being busy with other things. I haven't got a lo tof games on the go but I have got several in my backlog I want to get through but hopefully given it doesn't look like ther is a lot of games that hav emy attention I can get through some of them. The only big thing on my radar is the PC release of the Halo MCC as I'm looking forward to playing it on mouse and keyboard. I must admit though although I want to finish careers I have on the go on the otherF1 games 2019 is looking pretty awesome I'm really impressed by the graphics. It's really tempting me anyway. I still probably won't get it at launch but now I'm thinking I'm not ruling getting it at some point because it does look really impressive
  14. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Yeah I do it plays a lot like the old Blade Interactive games in terms of the controls. The only thing I haven't mastered yet is the pace of the table and all that but I think that will come with practice and more time with the game, and getting a kinder draw than Judd Trump in my opening round. 😛
  15. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Just had myfirst go at Snooker 19 tricky little game but it's fun so far. Had my first career mode match after having a practice game and ended up with Judd Trump as my first opponent. Nothing quite like being thrown in the deep end eh? Thankfully I did manage to win 1 frame but lost the match 2-1 Got off to a good start on my Forza careers though last night. Won a few races and a championship as well so I'm off to a good start there at least