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  1. Get in there Jeff. 😛 I kimnd o flike the radio calls as it adds a bit of personality to our avatars but each to their own I guess
  2. It's one of the reasons why I think I' dwait befoer jumping in assuming I decide I will.
  3. I'd have waited until everything was read yt ogo but then that's just me but that's wha tyou get when people push for earlier and earlie rrelease dates a half assed job.
  4. Yeah I'm not really excited if the story mode looks good I could be persuaded but other than that I don' t see myself getting it either as I'm definitely tempted to skip a year seeing as I've not even touched 2020 yet despite buying it because I've mostly been busy just trying to finis hcareers on the earlier games atm. I mostly bought 2020 for the whole my team as it sounded intriguing managing and racing your own team and everything. I do have a team and everything planned out but because I've been so busy elsewhere I just haven't got started tbh. Also given I can race Imola on other games a
  5. Doesn' tbothe rme on eway or another as I don't pla yonline o r on the Xbox for that matter. I fI do get th egam ean dit's a very doubtful if it'll be on PC
  6. Yeah I'm planning on sitting out this yea ratm but I could b epersuaded by the stor ymode if it turns out to be good. I'm hopin gfor something simila rto wha twe go twith Fifa's the Journey as playing as Alex in that was grea tfun a little moer of tha tand less of th e5 minuet intro we got with F1 2019 and I think we'll be set. No tasying that we will get anything like the Journey but I can hope.
  7. No tthat I know of. Or at least I'm not awaer of any games that do yet
  8. I doubt it. as clearly being new gen platforms the series X has far more proccessing power ove rthe XB1 tbhs o that would giv ethe one with the more superior console an unfair advantage
  9. I think it depensd on whether you want to wait or not and see what 2021 has in store befoer buying but out of the ones released in recent years personally 2017 and 18 are my favourites. I do have 20 as I mainl ybought i tfo r my Team as I felt it sounded like an interesting concept for a career mode also after seeing in youtube vids it's looked it too. I've not got round to playing it though but mostly because I've been busy with other things and trying t ofinish up careers I still have on the go in terms of the older games given I still have careers in 17, 18 and 19 on the go. I likely will
  10. Given that both the series X and PS5 are both backwards compatible with the XB1 awnd PS4 I'd say it's likely they'll release the gam eon the earlier platforms and maybe just release an enhancement patch or something fo rthe nweer systems like mos tother game developers are. As for the nwe tracks I'd imagin egiven both Portima oand Imola are both on the calendar that yes they will be in the game. Imola will be easy to transition in anyway due to the fact that F1 2013 had it. Portimao though will require building in from the ground up.
  11. I'd imagine if w eas wany remakes a talli twoyuld likely be for something like one o ftheir own pas tgames like TOCA Race driver
  12. Well you'll hav to ask him then as I don't know.
  13. Yeah he was one of the finest an absolute Legend
  14. Yeah the ymade a mistake ther ethat's fo rsure as Heat is actually a really good game. I got it last Christmas and it definitely has a NFS Carbon vibe about it and it' s definitely one of my favourite racing games in recent years. I feel optimistic about EA's move but I can understand the concern.
  15. as far as I know ther isn't one. Onl ything I can suggest is check race department's website
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