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  1. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Yeah itt's a good gam eI have it on PC
  2. Don't worry both the XBox and PS 5aer both backwards compatible so0 all th ePS4 games will work with PS5. The only difference will b eis the Series X is compatible with all Xbox games whereas the PS5 will only be able to do PS4
  3. sjsharp2010

    MyTeam audio name or reference

    I'd imagin ethey'll just have a nickname system same as with driver name. The game will likely jus tuse whatever nicknam eyou choos efor your team.
  4. The ymay well hav et othough as a lot of games aer going down tha route interms of allowing us moer freedom in customising our protagonists. Even Fifa does now given you can play as either a male or female manager in career mode and various other things. As regards the topic question not reaqlly suer as that depensd on if I get the game and when as I'm still too bus ywith careers on the last 3 games and haven't finished them yet. Plus I play the games to race not so much manage anf th ecurrent games tbh serve that need just fine. It's an intriguing idea but I don' tthink it's neccessaril yworth shelling out £40-50 on a new game for it. If I do buy 2020 at any point it's likel yonly going to be in a sale atm.
  5. sjsharp2010

    Flash backs in 2020

    I think the best option whic his whast I dio is give myself a certain numbe rtof flashbacks persession and once you've used them that's it. I tend to give myself a limit of 4 onc eI've used them whatever happens happens. Tha tway it encourages you t ous ethem moer strategically like when you really need to.
  6. sjsharp2010

    Adding a disc version of the game to steam?

    You shouldn't as you need Steam to play it anyway whethre you get a disc version or not
  7. sjsharp2010

    Geforce Now

    Are you using Geforce experience as I know it's on there. As that's a progra I us eto help keep games running optimally
  8. sjsharp2010

    What was your last purchase

    Me too playing Andromeda again in fact atm seeing how it performs on my new system.
  9. sjsharp2010

    When will the betha to f1 2020 program start?

    What do yo umean it's alerady started. It's called F1 2019. 😛 In befoer anybody else says it.
  10. sjsharp2010

    What was your last purchase

    You'd love the Mass Effect games then 😛 Last thing I purchased was my new PC s ofar it's handling well. Looking forward to tryin ggames lik eShadow of th eTomb Raider on it and properly experiencing the ray tracing
  11. sjsharp2010

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    Yeah I was a little bit late upgrading t oWindows 10 myself because I was worried I wouldn't get to play games like F1 2010 again as whilst i twas the first F1 game I go tof Codies I thought they did a fantastic job with it and in fact it's still one of my favourite ones they've done. Though I'll admit I haven't played it for quite a while. It was quite some time ago as I found i tat the time I was transitioning from Windows 7 to 10 when I heard Windows 7' s support was stopping. I did consider setting up a dual boot in tha thaving both 7 and Windows 10 on my system to work around it but in the end I didn't need to as the patch works for me. Or ast leas tit did on my old system but then I've recently bought a new PC so that might change as I've not tested all my games on this machine yet. But given I've managed to ge tolder games like Mass Effect 1 going fine on i tI'm hopeful that F1 2010/11 won't be a problem assuming I stick with using that patch. I must admit though I'm looking forward to playing the F1 games again on my new system once I get them installed.
  12. sjsharp2010

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    There is a patch tha tallows you to override GFWL games on Windows 10 You need to inastall that and i tshould work I found it through Steams forums. I have it downloaded to one of my USB flashdrives so I don' thave to keep looking for it. Jus tinstall it when I want to play one of them.
  13. Different studios do help each other out from tim et otim though so that's not strictly true as I know of 2 specific occasions wher ethis has happened. The first is EA when they were making the Journey for Fifa's 17-19 they got Bioware to help with the RPG mechanics in that mode. The secondoccasion is with ME Andromeda where the NFS teams helped Bioware develop the driving physics for the Nomad (your land vehicle) in the game. We'll haveto wai tand see though as to whether SMS do have an impact though.
  14. sjsharp2010


    Yeah the ydid make the wet weather a little OP in 2019 they should have kept it the same as in 2017 and 18. They did repatch it to make them slightlt yless OP which I think helped but it's not as good as it could be. I think they had it right in 17 and 18 and didn't really need to change it.
  15. sjsharp2010

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    Yeah was tempted t ostart a nwe career on 2011 but will probably wait till I've finished one of the 2017-19 ones first that I have on the go before I consider revisiting one of my classics