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  1. sjsharp2010

    The Worst Formula 1 game you played

    For me F1 2013
  2. sjsharp2010

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Unfortunately I'm no tsuer they can as they don't know themselves atm. This is a development that needs to be monitored before any decisions can be made. Right now all we can do is hope for the best. It's up to the FIA and everything but I agree because unlike when Bahrain got called off in 2011 it was only because of trouble in that region. Whereas the Coronavirus Is affecting the entire world. It may have started In China but I don't think anyone specifically is to blame (though I wouldn't be surprised if Isis or AlQaeda or whatever tried to claim credit for it.) so I would say let the game have all the races that were scheduled to happen regardless
  3. sjsharp2010

    Do you listen to music when you play DiRT?

    Yea hI don't reall listen not oa lot o music I listen to some female artists now and then but that's as much as I tend to go.
  4. sjsharp2010

    Will DAS be in 2020

    Personally I doubt it'll be in the game but there's always a chance that CM can spring a surprise.
  5. sjsharp2010


    That depends on whether CMK feel the need to do that.
  6. sjsharp2010


    I doubt that because of the backwards compatibility it should help give Codies more time to adapt if they need it. I don't think they'll be making the 2015 mistake again as I think the thing that held them back was the fact that PS4 and XB1 weren't backwards compatible at the time whereas the new systems will be so they can already just keep continuing to build on what they already have. Or at least they should be able to do.
  7. sjsharp2010


    I don't expect 2020 to come out on he PS5/Xbox current gen yes not next gen having said that though I believe both consoles will have backwards compatibility as you rightly said according to what I've heard with current gen so the PS4/XB1 copy should work on the new consoles and may perform better on them. Whether you can play PS3 and earlier gens is still debateable so whilst I believe Microsoft have confirmed that both 360 and original Xbox as well as XB1 will work on the new one as far as I know Sony have only confirmed PS4 compatibility not the earlier gens as yet.
  8. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    It's great fun actually I've finished the story though there are a few cars I haven't unlocked yet that I want to try. But I can see myself doing a few runs of it trying to beat the story again with different cars and things. In many ways it kind of reminds me of NFS Carbon in terms of the different race types and the need to dodge the cops and al that just with better graphics. My only criticism is that he police can seem a little overpowered especially if you get the heat level right up. Must admit I really like the avatar customisation as well in the game It adds a nice touch.
  9. sjsharp2010

    F1 2020 compatibility with ps4???

    I believe they aer planning t omake the PS5 compatible with PS4 games but I'm not sure so don't quote me on that I know the new Xbox is supposedly going to be fully compatible though with all Xbox games from what I've heard. I doubt the PS 5is going to be made compatible with the PS3 and earlier system's games though
  10. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Anyone go tan ynwe games for Christmas I got NFS Heat and Sonic Mania haven't had a chance to play them yet but I am downloading Heat now.
  11. sjsharp2010

    Games coming out in 2020

    TBH the only game I have my eye on is the Avengers game but other than that nothings looking that interstin t ome but that's the only thing on my radar atm. There may be other things later but that's the only game that has my attention right now. Other than tha tI think it'll lb ea quiet year much like this year was because aside from the RE2 remake Jedi fallen Order and Control I've not really bought any new games in 2019
  12. sjsharp2010

    The Stuff Thread

    Looks like the response a character I'm playing now would give.
  13. sjsharp2010

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    I don't know about that as Fifa have made some changes this year by making it a more cinematic experience with interviews and such and the ability to customise your avatar in career mode. It looks kind of cool actually though I'm not really that far into my career on that game yet but that's mostly because I haven't played it in a while and I've been just to busy with other things it's also one of the main reasons why I haven't managed to get back to the F1 game but I think the upgraded graphics were good especially the night race graphics. Admittedly I don't see myself buying next years though mostly because I've kind of stopped watching it now due to not being able to watch the channel it's on. Also with the new consoles next year I don' t see CM making massive changes
  14. sjsharp2010

    Question about changing teams

    No as far as I know you don't yo ucan only choose your teammate at the start of career
  15. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Been enjoying Jedi Fallen Order so fa really like the lightsaber combat. Looks like Respawn really struck gold with this game too.