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    Music Thread

    same with me only I tend to go with girl singers or groups like the Saturdays
  2. sjsharp2010

    The Codemasters Forums are back!!

    I think I signed up in either late 2009 or some point in 2010 but it was around the time I heard CM had taken over the F1 license anyway
  3. sjsharp2010

    The last game you completed?

    was thinking of getting that on PC seen vids of it on youtube looks a fun game
  4. sjsharp2010

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    agreed I think that's part of the problem with 2013 too in that the AI doesn't ever slow down or get's affected by things like the player does. I think though as long as they can get that right and adjust the difficulties so that the lowest level is on par with the driving aisd within the game like they were in the first 3 games then if they want to add the more sim like stuff for the moer hardcore player thwen I'm not against it. They seem to be having problems in trying to decide 2whether to cater for one or the other when really they should be catering for both. Most games seem to be able to do this so it is a little strange to see games that can't
  5. sjsharp2010

    PC DiRT2 GFWL stuff

    yeah should still work fine just set up a local profile on your system and it should work fine F1 2010 and 11 do this as well
  6. sjsharp2010

    The last game you completed?

    The Mass Effect trilogy  was the last game I beat
  7. sjsharp2010

    The PC Thread

    Haha I don't wanna total it all up out of fear :p The stuff that's in there currently is about £970. But since August I've been through 5/6 GPU's, 4 cases, 4 PSU's, 4 Sticks of RAM, 4 CPU Coolers, 3 CPU's, 3 motherboards, 2 optical drives, around 15 fans, and a partridge in a pear tree :p Just timed my boot up time sjs, 19 seconds from button press to desktop ;) And that's with Quick Boot disabled. Gotta love an SSD! that's why I want one :D mine cost a total of about £1760 I think. I forgot to add I have 32gb of ram as well in my new system. With the SSD I wanted it would have been over £2000 and I couldn't afford to go that high allin one go which is why I'm having to wait for the SSD once it's in though I'll be really happy
  8. sjsharp2010

    The PC Thread

    yeah we both have
  9. sjsharp2010

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I would ilke to see the Amateur AI pace either brought down or a new level at beginner level too as the Amateur level as it stands is just too fast and aggressive and having to use cheats to get around this in 2013 isn't really on
  10. sjsharp2010

    The PC Thread

    This is the case I have for mine having trouble with the picture but it's a very sleek Cyberpower case finally fixed it
  11. sjsharp2010

    The PC Thread

    yeah I've noticed that too the boot times a little slow on my new system I've noticed as it can take 3 minutes or so to boot up but the SSD will fix that issue and maybe the fact I have 2 770's working in SLI may have countered the issues you were having with yours. yeah F1 is working well on my system but then I feel the same way with FIFA too especially given the load times are faster too on PC with my specs the games pretty much handle flawlessly. But then FIFA handled pretty well on my old system too Will probably keep those on the hard drive though as I'll be saving the SSD for the more demanding games where I think it'll be needed. The only time I tend to play football on console is when I play the world cup game seeing as EA keep choosing to release those only on consoles and not on PC and have chosen that route again this year which I think is stupid on their part
  12. sjsharp2010

    Drink of choice while playing?

    same here nothing's better than a cuppa it's thirsty work racing these F1 cars
  13. sjsharp2010

    The PC Thread

    yeah I do but that's why that was put into Win 7 I think to help people decide if they needed to upgrade where the best places to do so were maybe in your case it may have been the 660's holding you back as they're quite old slower cards now whereas the 700 series aer faster I may be able to use tessellation once the SSD's in but i'll need to test that to be sure. my F1 games respond faster on my new system thanks to the newer cards anyway
  14. sjsharp2010

    Next Gen

    so did I not saying I won't change over 3eventually but I decided to stick with a system that can play backwards games when I want
  15. Definetely got to go with old hockenheim the Fuji Speedway could be good too
  16. sjsharp2010

    The PC Thread

    yeah the second one deals with PhysX and I've never had problems with SLI personally as my old PC had SLI the only problem so far game wise with my new system was with ME1 as the characters turn into black blocks on a couple of the levels but thanks to EA's website I was able to resolve that problem by using the games console. Aside from that everything's working perfectly I'm even able to run Tomb raider at close to maximum I have to turn off tessellation but Tress FX and everything else is working brilliantly. With the graphics up at 7.8/7.9 and the processor up there too. I definitely need an SSD given my hard drive is bottlenecking at 5.9. I was going to put some of my games on it as well as Windows that's why I was going to get that size. I didn't want to go too high because it's expensive but some of my older games won't really need the extra speed it's mostly newer games like TR that do I think. I'm hoping to get the SSD in another couple of weeks or so so that'll complete my build for now once that's in
  17. sjsharp2010

    The PC Thread

    nothing wrong with being a PC nerd I should know I'm one myself recently bought a new rig myself not with the specs I wanted initially but it's still impressive here are my specs Motherboard Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Processor AMD FX8350 4ghz Graphics cards 2x Palit GTX770's 4gb 3tb hard drive space  blue LED lighting much like yours Revolving prawn looking to boost it's speed by adding a 500gb SSD but I just need some money for it first
  18. sjsharp2010

    The Codemasters Forums are back!!

    yep it's good to be back up and running discovered the forums back online yesterday about time I'd say
  19. sjsharp2010

    F1 2013 Feedback Thread

    graphics wise it is great but difficulty wise it's a pain in the neck however it's still a good game but it's not really a game I'm inclined to play a lot like the pervious games of the series. Am I going to buy 2014 at the moment? Right now the answer to that question is no not if the game is a repetition of 2013. If they keep this level of graphics and improve and also either introduce a beginner level 2 seconds down from Amateur. or bring Amateur back to where it was before in 2012 and earlier games then I may consider it
  20. sjsharp2010

    Welcome Back to the Forums!

    yea h it's good to see the CM forums back I just hope the game gets back on form in 2014 as well but I won't hold my breath on that yet at least not without more details