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    How has R&D been changed?

    I think they just made the AI take longer to purchase upgrades that's all. I've not played the game in a while either (partly because I don't like the AI wet pace now and partly because I'm now busy with other things) but that's what it sounds like.
  2. sjsharp2010

    Do you listen to music when you play DiRT?

    No I don't listen t oany music when I'm gaming as I prefer to hear the sounds of the game I'm playing.
  3. sjsharp2010

    Does someone still plays Race driver GRID (2008)

    Yeah I still play the older Grid's from time to time as well. But yeah Autosport is my favourite of the series so far.
  4. sjsharp2010

    Windows 10 only? Well, goodbye GRID then...

    Yeah whilst I didn't want to switch to Windows 10 I did it because there still are some good games out there that won't run on Win 7 coming up. If the option had been able to just keep using 7 then I'd have taken it. Unfortunately that's the problem with gaming you have to move with the times if you want to play the latest games. There aer certainly things about Windows 10 I don't like for example the fact it updates when it pleases and not when it's most convenient is one of the main ones. Bu there's nothing I can reall yd oabout it but games in general I will admit do seem to run smoother on Windows 10 than on Win 7 so it does have that advantage.
  5. sjsharp2010

    is codemasters going to fix this guy

    You'll need t ogo through Steam for that given I assume that's where you bought the game.
  6. sjsharp2010

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Ai pace in the wet was better as well.Admittedly a little slow but now they've made it too quick and given it's screwed upthe practice programs as well I think has made the game impossible to play for me atm.
  7. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Do you play RPG's? I've not played either of the Destiny games but given it's an MMO and most MMO's work best if you approach them in an RPG fashion it might be best to approach the game in a similar fashion.
  8. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Must admit it looks like they've done a good job with the CC for Fifa 20 using it for Volta and for career will be good fun. Still not sure I'll buy it at launch as I'm not sure the changes are worth £50 but my stance on the game is softening a little bit. I'm still not sure I'll play it as much as 17, 18 and 19 though as I think I'll prefer the Journey over this Volta mode. The only good thing about the Volta mode is the fact our protag is completely customisable whereas Alex was not (at least not beyond his hair and clothes). It's more that for me I prefer the professional game than street football as I can't do the tricks and flicks very well. I do like the idea that at least they've done another story mode in the Volta thing though. I'm just not sure how good it will be in the end though given I don't follow street football. I think they did well with the Journey trilogy though as I really enjoy playing as Alex Danny and Kim so there is hope.
  9. sjsharp2010

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Yeah they need to fix the AI in rain as I think it's also screwed up the practice programs as well. It's one of he reasons why I came away from the game as they adjusted it too much and it was frustrating me. Whilst yeah they were a tad slow at launch but now they're far too quick. But I'd rather them be too slow than like this given that it's far easier to make a mistake in the wet going too quick than in the dry. Which in my opinion just makes the game unnecessarily too hard. I do like the game and I feel they've done a good job with it but changing the AI as much as they have in the wet was a mistake.
  10. sjsharp2010

    Bring back retired newish F1 tracks?

    they don't usually finalise the next years calendar until late in the year tbh so I wouldn't say it's not on there yet
  11. sjsharp2010

    Bring back retired newish F1 tracks?

    Yeah I don't think many considered them classics that's why I enjoyed racing them though but that's partly why I keep the older games so I can race them again if I want to.
  12. sjsharp2010

    Bring back retired newish F1 tracks?

    Yeah classic Hockenheim is a great track I loved racing through the forest back in the day. Baku kind of reminds me of a street version of that with it's very long start finish straight.
  13. sjsharp2010

    Your favourite Formula 1 game

    Not sure what my fave one is but it's probably the Codemasters ones really I enjoyed 2010 and 2012 a lot and still do but also I enjoy playing 2017-19 so the most recent 3 in terms of the newer ones as I really enjoy the more RPG elements they've added to the game my first F1 game was probably the Nigel Mansell game on the Amstrad CPC 464 or at least from what I remember.
  14. sjsharp2010

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    Since 2010 tbh not 2011 because I remember downloading a patch for 2010 but i tended up causing more issues so ended up deleting it.
  15. sjsharp2010

    The Game Thread!

    Must admit the changes FIFA are making to career mode do sound interesting but I'm not sure it's worth paying full price for though. Whilst I can see myself getting it now to explore the changes I can only see it happening when it comes down in price. It probably won't be a launch purchase anyway.
  16. sjsharp2010

    Love the season changes

    Yeah that's why I'm looking forward to continuing my current and playing more careers on 2019 to se what kind of weird challenges I will face. I get the feeling that at times it will be truly unpredictable and I like the sound of that.
  17. sjsharp2010

    Driver Transfers Question (F2 Drivers)

    No only the guys in F1 move around although Butler Weber and yourself can move of course but no you won't see any of the other F2 drivers after you get promoted to F1. But there's always a chance that drivers can be let go and others be brought back in like somewhere else on the grid for example I'm driving for Toro Rosso atm replacing Kvyat on my game so for example Haas might decide to let Grosjean go because he's doing badly and choose to replace him with Kvyat because atm he's not on the grid. But no other than yourself Weber and Butler there are no promotions or retirements or anything like that. It's just the guys that are already in F1 along with the guys that come up with you
  18. Yeah I was just offering a suggestion as to why it might be harder to do it with this game. I don' t tend to mod the F1 games myself I only tend to mod my RPG's to help increase replayability plus the vanilla hairstyles in Dragon Age Inquisition were quite bad which was how and why I turned to modding because aside from that it's a solid game and one of my favourite games that I own. In fact thinking of doing another playthrough of it again soon. Also when I do mod my RPG's I only do so on the singleplayer side of things so it becomes less of an issue then
  19. Some games are just difficult I know from experience that Mass Effect is a nightmare to mod which is why I gave up trying whereas the Dragon Age ones are fairly easy as I recently managed to figure out how to get mods working on DA2 which means I now know how to mod all 3 games. I've not had much of a chance to play with the mods much yet. But now I've figured out how to get them working I hope to see some of them in action as I get and do more playthroughs. It may also be because it's an officially licensed product they've been instructed to make it intentionally difficult to mod due to the licensing.
  20. sjsharp2010

    My full practice programme

    The race pace one does and I think the fuel one does as well because in some of the races I've managed to get away with as much as half a lap less fuel in the tank so for example for a 14 lap race I've been cut back to 13.5 laps because I've been able to conserve fuel whilst still going relatively quickly.
  21. sjsharp2010

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Yes I think so but it could have been with 1.05 as that's when the AI were changed.
  22. sjsharp2010

    My full practice programme

    Yeah all mine aer based on if al sessions aer dry if they aren't then the order can and does sometimes change.
  23. sjsharp2010

    My full practice programme

    I usually do this for my free practice FP1 Track acclimitisation and tyre wear FP2 quali and race pace (mostly because FP2 is at the same time as quali and race.) FP3 fuel and a second race pace run on a different tyre compound.
  24. sjsharp2010

    Is this where Codies got the R&D tree idea from?

    TBH It's a pretty common RPG idea for example Biowaer for example use them in all their games so I don't think it's game specific. Even the Witcher games use them. Here's an example of Dragon Age Inquisition in action. All 3 DA's have a similar system.
  25. sjsharp2010

    Xbox One X game performance vs PC performance

    It largely depends on what kind of rig you have for the purposes of PC the better the tech you have in your PC the better any game will run not just F1 games. Consoles are basically budget based PC's designed to play games at as cheap a way as they can get away with that's always been the case and likely always will be. It's not that consoles don't try anything innovative but they always do it on a budget using the cheapest method they can get away with because they're designed to be budget machines that's why they don't normally cost more than £500. To get a top of the line PC quite often you'll have to pay 3 to 4 times that. I've not played the game on my Xbox just my PC but these are already established well known facts.