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  1. On 9/14/2020 at 12:39 PM, EmanuelTenorio said:

    Hello! I bought the f1 2019, and I would like to know if I can "handle" the transfer of drivers, for example sending the raikkonen back to ferrari, vettel on the rbr, etc., is there any way to handle this? Thinking about transfers, but it's always the second driver who gets transferred📷


    no hte AI handles al lof that.

  2. On 9/18/2020 at 12:06 PM, stephensmattlee said:

    I think given that this week we’ve learnt that a lot of the PS5 games will also be coming out for PS4, as well as Microsoft supporting the previous gen for the next two years, I don’t think much will change for next year.  Given the similarities architecturally between the current and next gen I think we’ll still see releases on the current gen alongside releases for next gen with more enhanced graphics and framerates, much like we’re seeing with Dirt 5.  

    In one way for Codemasters it avoids the issues they had last time around with the transition to the current gen, plus they won’t miss out on sales whilst more and more people pick up next gen consoles.  It probably won’t be a while until we see them making full use of the next gen power exclusively but I’m sure the games will still look a lot better on PS5 and Xbox Series despite being held back by still being supported on current gen too. 

    Yeah I think the gaming industry will fin the transition easier this time given that both the Xbox series and PS5 are both backwards compatible with current gen that wasn't necessarily the case from PS3/360 to XB1 and PS4. Which is why a lot of issues occured there like F1 2015 lacking a career mode the PS3 missing half of Dragon Age Inquisition's DLC things like that which all the more modern consoles got.

  3. Yeah I'm not in m y60's but I d ohave disability so I d oten dt ouse assists thouhg I don' tpla yonlin eI only pla ythe offlin efeatures such a scareer mode and the offline championships in these games.

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  4. On 9/2/2020 at 1:34 PM, Ultra3142 said:

    I think it's a requirement to run two different tyre compounds, to reflect the same requirement in real F1. You don't have to in 3 and 5 lap races but I think you do for 25% and up.

    Yep on 25% and higher length races it's in the rules that you have to make at least 1 pit stop

  5. On 7/30/2020 at 2:24 PM, FTBuzzard said:

    At least for Imola and Nürburgring, they could take the old tracks from F1 13 and converted them to the game, since the engine seems th be the same.

    Yeah it's possibl ethe ycould add those 2 wit hminimal problems as the yhav eboth tracks in their librar ythanks t othe olde rgames but I don't think we should expect it.

  6. 4 hours ago, Blaziken027 said:

    I just played Grid Autosport yesterday...

    I own a 3ds, ps vita, nintendo wii, Xbox 360

    this picture is a game I recently playedbeaniebabies.jpg.e2493764846cd666c1c507162a1bd77e.jpg

    Yeah itt's a good gam eI have it on PC

  7. On 6/19/2020 at 10:09 PM, BelgiumDude said:

    Oh no! This gives me memories of that that time I bought a PS4 and codemasters did not release a version of F1 2014 for PS4. What if they don't even have F1 2021 on PS5? 


    Please please codies!!!! Remember 2014 when almost everyone who had ac PS3 had already switched to PS4 and you released a PS3 version of the game?

    Don't worry both the XBox and PS 5aer both backwards compatible so0 all th ePS4 games will work with PS5. The only difference will b eis the Series X is compatible with all Xbox games whereas the PS5 will only be able to do PS4

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  8. On 4/24/2020 at 6:42 AM, 2Pacalypse said:

    I bet 100% fake random sponsors.

    Customization is not in CMs vocabulary.

    The ymay well hav et othough as a lot of games aer going down tha route interms of allowing us moer freedom in customising our protagonists. Even Fifa does now given you can play as either a male or female manager in career mode and various other things.


    As regards the topic question not reaqlly suer as that depensd on if I get the game and when as I'm still too bus ywith careers on the last 3 games and haven't finished them yet. Plus I play the games to race not so much manage anf th ecurrent games tbh serve that need just fine. It's an intriguing idea but I don' tthink it's neccessaril yworth shelling out £40-50 on  a new game for it. If I do buy 2020 at any point it's likel yonly going to be in a sale atm.

  9. I think the best option whic his whast I dio is give myself a certain numbe rtof flashbacks persession and once you've used them that's it. I tend to give myself a limit of 4 onc eI've used them whatever happens happens. Tha tway it encourages you t ous ethem moer strategically like when you really need to.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Karter430 said:


    I've been holding off buying because I'd like to buy a disc copy of F1 2020 for PC but can I then have access to it on Steam like usual? I really want to preorder for the amazing steel book but am I gonna have problems playing with Steam friends? Probably a really stupid question but things were contradicting on other sites. Thanks

    You shouldn't as you need Steam to play it anyway whethre you get a disc version or not

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  11. 3 hours ago, KittyFit90 said:

    @sjsharp2010 I love Mass Effect, played them all 🙂

    @ColinMcRae:DiRTFanNo.1 Yes I have the Saturn V set from a few years ago, but I don't really have much Lego...on my desk at home I have the females in science kit which I got as a sort of reconciliation gift after my wife and I lived together again after being separated for a while. 

    Me too playing Andromeda again in fact atm seeing how it performs on my new system.

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  12. 3 hours ago, KittyFit90 said:

    OMFG, just asked my wife to give this to me for my birthday...The only thing other than fossils that I get totally nerd on is Space Exploration...



    You'd love the Mass Effect games then 😛 


    Last thing I purchased was my new PC s ofar it's handling well. Looking forward to tryin ggames lik eShadow of th eTomb Raider on it and properly experiencing the ray tracing

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  13. 1 hour ago, sloppysmusic said:

    I will take another look.. I might have already tried that unless it's very hard to find.. Nothing like trying to get a game working you've paid for but never played!!


    sorry I was being mischievous when asking about the clean racing! As in its a fairly hot subject round here 🔥😁

    Agreed about pcars ai as it's all over the place between races.. That aggression slider being included after it was taken out before release of first game is very useful though.

    Yeah I was a little bit late upgrading t oWindows 10 myself because I was worried I wouldn't get to play games like F1 2010 again as whilst i twas the first F1 game I go tof Codies I thought they did a fantastic job with it and in fact it's still one of my favourite ones they've done. Though I'll admit I haven't played it for quite a while. It was quite some time ago as I found i tat the time I was transitioning from Windows 7 to 10 when I heard Windows 7' s support was stopping. I did consider setting up a dual boot in tha thaving both 7 and Windows 10 on my system to work around it but in the end I didn't need to as the patch works for me. Or ast leas tit did on my old system but then I've recently bought a new PC so that might change as I've not tested all my games on this machine yet. But given I've managed to ge tolder games like Mass Effect 1 going fine on i tI'm hopeful that F1 2010/11 won't be a problem assuming I stick with using that patch. I must admit though I'm looking forward to playing the F1 games again on my new system once I get them installed.

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  14. 4 hours ago, sloppysmusic said:

    I'm so jealous you got it to run! I purchased it last year in a bundle with several old f1 games and I could not get any of them working. I'm an IT guy too think it was something to do with that horrific GFW nightmare. My pc is locked down to a 2 year old win 10 build and I won't install modern windows patches on it now it's working so great. Rfactor has interested me a lot too but isn't that the game with dubious purchase options? I didn't mention games last the last 5 because there would be too many and I wanted games I could see here and still go and buy now.

    There is a patch tha tallows you to override GFWL games on Windows 10 You need to inastall that and i tshould work I found it through Steams forums. I have it downloaded to one of my USB flashdrives so I don' thave to keep looking for it. Jus tinstall it when I want to play one of them.

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  15. On 4/18/2020 at 12:18 PM, UP100 said:

    Just because SMS is part of Codies, doesn't mean they have any kind of significant effect on the Birmingham based F1 team. They could as well go help Southam or even Cheshire, if they'd help anyone at all.

    Different studios do help each other out from tim et otim though so that's not strictly true as I know of 2 specific occasions wher ethis has happened. The first is  EA when they were making the Journey for Fifa's 17-19 they got Bioware to help with the RPG mechanics in that mode. The secondoccasion is with ME Andromeda where the NFS teams helped Bioware develop the driving physics for the Nomad (your land vehicle) in the game. We'll haveto wai tand see though as to whether SMS do have an impact though.

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  16. 35 minutes ago, mykalboi said:

    Not sure if I’m alone on this one but worth an ask why is the AI so god damn good in wet races ? They never spin or make any mistake. It’s like they are perfect in any weather condition. I’ll be trying to adapt to changing conditions, I’ll be loosing the car under breaking but the AI don’t do this it just amazes me that CM haven’t realised this. Am I the only one ? 

    Yeah the ydid make the wet weather a little OP in 2019 they should have kept it the same as in 2017 and 18. They did repatch it to make them slightlt yless OP which I think helped but it's not as good as it could be. I think they had it right in 17 and 18 and didn't really need to change it.

  17. 3 minutes ago, UP100 said:


    Technically this would be off-topic stuff but no one goes there except the guys who don't do anything else on these forums! ...if anyone is alive, please check it out... We have lost almost all old off-topic guys for some reason 😥 We have a game thread and a stuff thread in which we used to talk about things.

    • ONRUSH
      I didn't know I would have so much fun with this! Overall just fun game with very little downtime and beautiful graphics! The game even automatically starts searching for a new ranked match after the last one finished, so it's an endless loop really 😁
    • F1 2019
      There is that league that I quite like 😉 
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2
      I shall consider this racing. Loads of fun to play with friends. I get bored quite quickly on singleplayer though...
    • rFactor 2
      The racing game I've put most hours into. My profile page has the horrible statistics of my "Sim Racing" career. I was getting up to speed after my last 6 month break but then Barry got me to race for Ferrari 😛 

      Those Historic F3s though ❤️ 
    • BONUS: F1 2011
      Always installed on my PC. I want to play it but my wheel is in such state that I probably shouldn't. Me and my eternal love for F1 2011.

    Yeah was tempted t ostart a nwe career on 2011 but will probably wait till I've finished one of the 2017-19 ones first that I have on the go before I consider revisiting one of my classics

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  18. All of mine aer on PC but I'd say the last 3 F1 games in 2017 18 and 19 but I would probabl yadd NFS Heat t othat list as well. As whilst Hea tisn' texactly a full on sim exactl ymoer like a polic dodgenms kind of game but I found EA's latest NFS a lot of fun as it has a lot of cars and customisation and their pretty nice looking cars as well.

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  19. Got a new PC myself now anhd it's handling beautifully. Has an Intel i7 9700kf CPU and an RTX2070 GPU Same RAM as befoer in 32GB though I do have 2 SSD's as it came with a 250 GB SSD which Windows 10 is installed on and I had a1tb SSD added so I had a littl emore spac efor my games. I still have a 4TB HDD as I still need space for my various files and older games but I chose to get a bigger SSD as I was getting to the point wher I was having t ouninstall and reinstall  moer than I really wanted too. I 've not tried anythin gdemandin gon it yet as I'v ebeen busy trying to get it all installed first but it's definitely handling the ME trilogy well it looks better than ever on the new system. After I'm finished my latest run of ME3 I certainly intend to put i tthrough it's paces with more demanding games to see what it's truly capable of.

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  20. 14 hours ago, maccastewart22 said:

    Can we get some sort of insight as to what will happen with the F1 2020 game? Will you keep all the tracks in the game? Will there even be a game at all if the season gets cancelled??? 

    Unfortunately I'm no tsuer they can as they don't know themselves atm. This is a development that needs to be monitored before any decisions can be made. Right now all we can do is hope for the best.


    34 minutes ago, Liaveil said:

    They should just have the calendar in game as it would have been in real without the disruption of the virus, so all 21 races in the original order.


    This is honestly a great opportunity for Codies to throw in some proper editing features that allow us to change default team performances/lineups before starting career or allow us to change driver stats like Fifa allows with it's players since they wont have as much data to go on as usual. They could add reserve/former drivers to potential slots for driver transfers like the F2 drivers, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Button, Rosberg etc. too.

    This will give us freedom and will completely open up and personalise our career modes.

     It's up to the FIA and everything but I agree because unlike when Bahrain got called off in 2011 it was only because of trouble in that region. Whereas the Coronavirus Is affecting the entire world. It may have started In China but I don't think anyone specifically is to blame (though I wouldn't be surprised if Isis or AlQaeda or whatever tried to claim credit for it.) so I would say let the game have all the races that were scheduled to happen regardless