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  1. 9 hours ago, mceci1 said:

    Indeed. Can't say I like either of them. I can accept that Monaco is one of the greatest tracks in terms of prestige and how people think its the bees knees but I hate it. It doesn't encourage good racing

    Yeah the only times I've won at Monaco it's mainly when I've been lucky enough to put it on pole and not had to overtake anyone. I'm OK if I'm out on my own but everytime I need to overtake it's pretty much been a no go. If it wasn't so much of a cash cow for F1 it would easily be dropped as there are far better street tracks tbh F1 has 2 of them on it's calendar already in Baku and Singapore. I reall yenjoy Baku in particular as that long start finish straight reminds me a little of those long straights from the old Hockenheim. I am a little better at Suzuka than Monaco though as it's only really that first sector that holds me back as I really struggle through that Esses section. The rest of the track's OK it's just a bit narrow and therefore not easy to nail an overtake if you need it. But like I said I just get the best result I can and move on.

  2. On 10/4/2019 at 12:32 PM, 1henryw said:

    I have played F1 2010, 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19. I have practised on Monaco just as much as the other tracks. Canada is by far the easiest, I can get pole there without even trying but at Monaco I can't get higher then about 19th without turning down the difficulty. I get destroyed in the races there. I know the track like the back of my hand, I even used to play it on the old GP games on the PC. The AI is obviously overpowered there. 


    Yeah I think the majority of my race wins at Monaco have come in F1 2012  and in the majority of those cases it was a more a lights to flag win with me taking advantage of the fact no one can overtake me due to the narrow track as I started the majority of them on pole I think so I didn't really do any overtaking in those races.

  3. 2 hours ago, MrGhostO1O said:

    I said it multiple times already but IMHO places like Monaco, Singapore and Baku are not race tracks. Monster cars like F1 should not be confined in such pathetic narrow streets. These places are proof of FIA's hypocrisy when some other real tracks' beautiful flow gets destroyed by disgusting chicanes because "there is not enough run-off area". Yes, Monaco is a beautiful and glamorous city but it is just not suitable for such wide cars and speed. If the qualifying event is the most exciting part of the weekend then there is something fundamentally wrong. In terms of it being "unplayable": No, it is not unplayable. It is just narrow, bumpy and therefore low-grip af as it is supposed to be. The "track" is well recreated.

    I don't think Singapore and Baku are a problem as they're quite wide tracks similar to what I've seen Indycar race on and if IndyCar can handle it so can F1 it's more I think that Monaco is built in such a way in that it's just too narrow for todays cars based on how todays cars perform. I agree with you in terms in that it's been well recreated but I don't think Monaco is really suited to racing any more and if it didn't bring in as much money as it does I suspect It would've been dropped off the calendar by now in favour of a better track.

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  4. On 11/29/2017 at 8:02 AM, mceci1 said:

    This isn't a codemasters issue or bug. Monaco is just a goat of a track, I hate trying to race anything around it, its a dog

    Yeah I've always had 2 tracks I struggle at more than any other no matter the game they are Monaco and Suzuka. Generally I just get the best result I can and move onto the next race and don't think too much about it. I have won on both tracks but I don't win often enough to consider them strong tracks as I think I've only ever won at Monaco maybe about 6 times at most and that's in all the races I've done there in all the CM games anyway For me I think it's mainly due to them both be3ing quiet narrow twisty tracks I tend to do better on tracks that are wider with long straights such as the Tilkedromes I think people call them.

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  5. I've not started career yet on Fifa 20 but I know there's been a lot of complaints around that it doesn't bother me too much as I kind of like the idea of a more mixed up league. I have played a few games in Volta and in proper matches for practice and I have to admit I really do like how the game plays this year. Difficulty wise I think it's spot on for me so I'm hoping they don't change that too much like they did with 18. I plan to play the Volta story first though before starting career but just too busy with other things atm to even do that. I have had a look at the CC though they did a really good job with that. Still need to use them to create my manager and my Volta player for the story mode but I have a better idea of what I want to do for when I'm ready to start.

  6. 5 hours ago, Lukedfrt said:

    That's pretty impressive for the 3DS to be fair haha! 

    Yea hit is I suppose as it looked like a PS2 PES which was why I thought initially it was one of the early PES's I didn't think it could be one of the handheld ones. I own a couple of Fifa's for the PSP but I don't really play them often. Mostly because I prefer to play on the big systems these days.

  7. Well looking forward to having Fifa 20 unlock so I can get in and play some  Volta matches to practice till I'm ready to get really stuck in. I think Origin was having a fit as it said it unlocked tonight and tricked me but now it's saying the correct date as in the 26th weird as I initially tried to boot it up thinking it was available. It was OK though as I'm in the middle of a Journey playthrough and I want to finish that before I start properly on 20. I plan to do a run of the Volta story before I begin on career though. I think it was only supposed to say tonight if I'd ordered the more expensive one but I ordered the standard one so not sure why it did that. I don't do any of the online stuff which is why I don't buy the more expensive versions.

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  8. Must admit I like the new set piece system in Fifa 20 It's going to take time to get used to but I think it will be easier to score with this one than the old system. I think the only tricky part will be getting the power levels right. But after a bit of practice it shouldn't be too hard.

  9. 1 hour ago, Hughesy said:

    @sjsharp2010 Well I dont think you have researched it if you think it's a gimmick. Watch this video and tell me it's a "gimmick"


    Its biggest leap in graphics fidelity in a very long time. When I switch between no ray tracing and ray tracing in control its like a new game.



    TBH it doesn't really matter what I think as I can't afford it and my current system isn't capable of using it. So I have to make do without it at least for now.

  10. 21 minutes ago, Lukedfrt said:

    I would punt at Pro Evo 2006 🤔

    yeah it's definitely one of the early ones but when it's hard to say. I've got Pes 6 but that has a different commentary as that game has Peter Brackley (Football  Italia) and Trevor Brooking providing the commentary so it's definitely after that as that's Jon Champion's voice providing commentary and he came on later as I think his last one was either  Pes 14 or 15 as that's when they switched to the team they have now in Peter Drury. The last Pes I got was 16 though and I know that one has Peter Drury. I don't tend to buy the PES's because I prefer to play with proper licensed teams and competitions. I know you can get patches to fix that but I find they can be a pain in the ass to get working so don't usually bother. Besides I don' t find there is that much of a difference between Fifa and PES that it' s really noticeable so these days I just get my football fix from Fifa. Given that Fifa has the Champions League License and stuff now I think overall it's a better package. Yes they've lost the Juventus licensing but given I rarely do careers in Italy I doubt it'll be a huge problem for me plus it wouldn't surprise me if someone didn't create a mod that puts Juve back in anyway. especially given Juve and their stadium were in Fifa 19 as I remember you play a match there with Kim during her story on the Journey as I believe she plays a friendly match against Italy there on her way to the World Cup. Plus I think the addition of all the Bundesliga stadiums plus Volta will help offset that anyway

  11. 2 hours ago, UP100 said:

    Anyone want to guess what game this is without googling the teams as that's too obvious? 😛


    The graphics are top class, aren't they?
    ...For some reason this place doesn't realise streamable links could be shown without pressing the link.

    NOTE: You may not want to watch this in fullscreen on a 1920x1080 or larger display.

    It's PES I recognized that from the commentators one of the PS2 ones I suspect based on the graphics

  12. 13 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    A: Ray tracing does work with the 10 series, but they don't have the cores so performance is much worse.

    B: It's not a gimmick, I suggest you read up on what it does, it literally gets rid of all fake effects so lighting, shadows and reflections are real time and not baked. Every single game in the next few years will have it including next gen consoles. If you watch Control in particular it takes advantage of ray tracing the most with most parts of the game affected by it, without it the game looks pretty meh.

    I have read up on what it does it just seems like another gimmick to me something I'd like but atm can't afford so not worth looking at for me right now as I read up on it when I heard Shadow of the Tomb Raider was using it.. Besides Control looks pretty impressive even without it as I've not been using it and the game works fine and runs quite smooth on my system in fact without it.

  13. 9 hours ago, couger1981 said:

    Signed up for Game pass for Microsoft and downloaded Metro exodus, amazing graphics with the 1060 and loving the game so far as your thrown into the action pretty much straight away 🙂

    The gpu doesn't like ray tracing though so had to disable it 😞

    It's only the latest cards that have the ray tracing atm but at the end of the day it's just another gimmick. If a game works fine and looks fine then it doesn't matter really what card you play it on tbh. Whilst I'd like to have more advanced cards and all that my system is handling things fine for now. When the next consoles come out I may look again at an upgrade but for now my system is doing what I need of it.

  14. Had another game a bit earlier and it was closer so my initial impressions may have been a bit off and it may have been one of those one off matches where I just managed to dominate. I think Volta is going to be a bit of fun and it will be interesting to play through the story mode wen it comes out. Not sure it'll be as fun to play as the Journey was but given we have free reign to effectively create our own protag for it rather than stick with Hunter it might still be interesting. I've got an idea of the kind of look (as the game has a CC for these modes now) I want to go with for my first run of the Volta story but I'll have to wait for the full game before I can decide

  15. Had a go at Fifa 20' s demo and Volta last  night before going to bed quite interesting. I know I can' t pull off all  the tricks and flicks but it's not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. the 11v11 game feels a lot like Fifa 18 though so we may be in for a few goalfest matches again but I don't know for sure as I only played the 1 11v11 match but that's how it felt like to me. I plan on playing some more today to get a better feel for it but that's my first impressions.

  16. 13 hours ago, couger1981 said:

    Every thread without a star has been closed, and theres quite a few.

    Perhaps we should like our threads to make sure they don't accidentally close then 😛


    Keep them active as well that should help.,

  17. 1 hour ago, Lukedfrt said:

    I finished Detroit: Become Human the other day.. Absolutely loved it, it's rare i can't put a game down but that was the case with this 👌

    Looking forward to playing this myself tbh once It comes to PC which it is supposed to be soon. No confirmed date yet though

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  18. 3 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    *** why is the game thread archived and thus closed?

    I was wondering tha tmyself when I noticed it because as far as I know nothing suspicious has happened there andthe last 2 or 3 posts were just you and me discussing the new Control game.

  19. 1 hour ago, Hughesy said:

    I bought control 3 days ago, its amazing! Bit of a mind bender,  but yet another great game by Remedy. With the ray tracing it looks phenomenal.

    Yeah it looks good and has got very high review scores pretty much everywhere I've looked haven' t got round to playing it myself yet but I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to using the telekinetic abilities on it and it looks like they've done a good job based on what I've seen too. But yeah it looks like a bit of a mind bender of a story a lot like the Quantum Break game was which they did.

  20. On 4/23/2019 at 2:28 PM, Hughesy said:

    Just bought a M2 1TB SSD. I don't really have room for a fourth SSD and so a M2 is the better option, plus it was only £112. Going SSD only years ago was great, but back then games were like 15GB max, now they can be 100GB lol.


    Also bought Sakiro, what a great game. Playing it on my 4K HDR TV as the game only supports 60fps unless you mod it, but that didnt work well for me. So playing it at max setting at 4k and getting 60fps, looks amazing.

    Yeah that's why I only have the one SSD as I think I'd end up spending more time uninstalling and installing games rather than playing them. I tend to only have my more demanding games on the SSD my older games get to sit on the HDD for when I play them

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