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  1. 1 hour ago, Hughesy said:

    I bought control 3 days ago, its amazing! Bit of a mind bender,  but yet another great game by Remedy. With the ray tracing it looks phenomenal.

    Yeah it looks good and has got very high review scores pretty much everywhere I've looked haven' t got round to playing it myself yet but I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to using the telekinetic abilities on it and it looks like they've done a good job based on what I've seen too. But yeah it looks like a bit of a mind bender of a story a lot like the Quantum Break game was which they did.

  2. On 4/23/2019 at 2:28 PM, Hughesy said:

    Just bought a M2 1TB SSD. I don't really have room for a fourth SSD and so a M2 is the better option, plus it was only £112. Going SSD only years ago was great, but back then games were like 15GB max, now they can be 100GB lol.


    Also bought Sakiro, what a great game. Playing it on my 4K HDR TV as the game only supports 60fps unless you mod it, but that didnt work well for me. So playing it at max setting at 4k and getting 60fps, looks amazing.

    Yeah that's why I only have the one SSD as I think I'd end up spending more time uninstalling and installing games rather than playing them. I tend to only have my more demanding games on the SSD my older games get to sit on the HDD for when I play them

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  3. I don't think there's enough changes to warrant buying the new FIFA at launch given it's another £50 though I am tempted (so may end up caving like I did with F1 2019 though it was mostly the driver transfer system that convinced me there) as whilst Volta looks fun I don't think I'll be enjoying it that much given I'm not really a tricks and flicks person but the new career mode changes sound interesting but like with things like the F1 games and the press in the F1 game it might get repetitive after a while. I do like the new character creator system they've added though as I can see that helping to add some roleplaying options to help mix things up. I've certainly got a few ideas in which I might do  so time will tell though.


    In other news recently bought the Control game not played it yet but it looks cool and interesting with the telekinetic powers and stuff you can wield.



  4. On 8/23/2019 at 9:00 AM, DoctaJonez said:

    Seriously?  The game hasn't even been out 2 months yet.  It is very early in the game's life cycle, and way to early to be talking about not supporting things until the next game.

    Also, why on earth are Codemasters still producing a brand new F1 game each year?  It no longer makes sense.  They'd be much better off getting people to buy season passes, and pushing out incremental updates.  It'd also benefit the fans, who could play any season they like.  Imagine being able to play a multi year career, from 2014 to 2019, with historically accurate driver changes and team changes.  That's the kind of thing that would be achievable if they didn't scrap the previous version of the game every year.

    Probably for the same reason why we always have had these yearly franchises like Fifa as well. MONEY So long  as people keep buying them they will keep making them 

  5. 1 hour ago, Lukedfrt said:

    Started F1 2019 yesterday, seems good so far! I was a bit disappointed with the GP2 part of career mode though, i thought you actually got to race the whole season. 

    You can in Championships mode just not in career. I've kind of put my career on hold atm as I don't like the wet AI. It was OK at launch al be it a bit slow but now they've made it too fast which has screwed everything up imo.

  6. On 8/23/2019 at 1:26 PM, joserdcosta said:

    I don't think only few people are complaining about unbalanced AI (dry vs wet). Like I said, last year's game was OK on this regard.

    I don't think a poll is useless, but what matters is codies are aware of it and looking at the "problem".

    I thought it was fine at launch although the AI were at times a little too slow but given it's far easier to make mistakes in the wet by pushing too hard because the AI are too fast now they need to bring the speed back down again. I think it only needed a minor adjustment to speed them up but it felt like they did a major one which has ended up I think screwing the whole game up

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  7. On 8/13/2019 at 9:56 AM, joserdcosta said:

    I think we shouldn't discuss if people are good or not in the wet. The whole point for me is: if I can keep up with the AI in the dry at a certain level (in my case 100%), I think I should also be able to do the same in the wet. People can say that maybe we are not good enough in the wet, but having to drop the AI level 10 clicks is not correct IMO. It wasn't like this in previous games.

    That's the whole point. Adjustments. 


    Yeah I play at 35% at most tracks I only tend to drop it right down at Monaco as I can handle the AI jus t fine in the dry at that level but since the wet pace has been changed I'm not only struggling with the AI but the practice programs as well and like the AI I can usually do fine and pass them in the  dry. Kind of make career a bit pointless if you can't pass them or you don't feel like you can pass them because the objectives are just too high regardless of whether it's in the wet or dry.

  8. On 8/20/2019 at 11:08 AM, FrederickBraun said:

    Is someone playing Destiny 2 here? I recently bought this game and after playing a couple of hours, I realized that I did not understand. In General, I just decided to buy destiny 2 boost. Now I play in PvP mode and it's a lot of fun!

    Do you play RPG's? I've not played either of the Destiny games but given it's an MMO and most MMO's work best if you approach them in an RPG fashion it might be best to approach the game in a similar fashion.

  9. Must admit it looks like they've done a good job with the CC for Fifa 20 using it for Volta and for career will be good fun. Still not sure I'll buy it at launch as I'm not sure the changes are worth £50 but my stance on the game is softening a little bit. I'm still not sure I'll play it as much as 17, 18 and 19 though as I think I'll prefer the Journey over this Volta mode. The only good thing about the Volta mode is the fact our protag is completely customisable whereas Alex was not (at least not beyond his hair and clothes). It's more that for me I prefer the professional game than street football as I can't do the tricks and flicks very well. I do like the idea that at least they've done another story mode  in the Volta thing though. I'm just not sure how good it will be in the end though given I don't follow street football. I think they did well with the Journey trilogy though as I really enjoy playing as Alex Danny and Kim so there is hope.

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  10. 23 hours ago, Geboy91 said:

    Great Codemasters....... game still broken with the AI Grip of death at Rain Races.

    Fix that ASAP 

    Yeah they need to fix the AI in rain as I think it's also screwed up the practice programs as well. It's one of he reasons why I came away from the game as they adjusted it too much and it was frustrating me. Whilst yeah they were a tad slow at launch but now they're far too quick. But I'd rather them be too slow than like this given that it's far easier to make a mistake in the wet going too quick than in the dry. Which in my opinion just makes the game unnecessarily too hard. I do like the game and I feel they've done a good job with it but changing the AI as much as they have in the wet was a mistake.

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  11. Must admit the changes FIFA are making to career mode do sound interesting but I'm not sure it's worth paying full price for though. Whilst I can see myself getting it now to explore the changes I can only see it happening when it comes down in price. It probably won't be a launch purchase anyway.

  12. 13 hours ago, KrazyLurt said:

    Yeah that works well , and is a easy thing to do. 👍

    Where it’s an real issue with the AI being OP in Baku levels is changeable conditions (Dry-wet or vice versa).

    I don't think it's jus the AI that are screwed I think it's possible that the Practice programs are as well as I seem to be struggling to meet them in the wet and usually I find them easier

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  13. On 7/25/2019 at 12:48 AM, KrazyLurt said:

    Those examples are only a few variables that determines the speed of the AI. 

    Traction values are one of lots of  more variables for them to alter. 
    Traction values was what they adjusted in v1.05 , and that was a good move. This ( I hope) was done per track.


    Baku seems to been a screw up , there might be more tracks I haven’t tested all of them. 
    And honestly, this shouldn’t have been necessary, that’s what the devs team and beta testers are for.


    F1 201x series games are always sold as beta versions and you are buying full price to be a beta tester basically.


    Yeah I'm thinking if I end up with a wet session I'll just drop the AI down 5 points to give myself a bit more of a chance of fighting them.

  14. Yeah I think originally they were too slow in the wet but now they're probably in general a tad too fast just did a wet Baku race and they kind of left me for dead. I don't think I necessarily hadthe best setup for the race but I just couldn't keep up with them.

  15. Just started my career on 2019 but I'm only at Australia but it's been interesting so far I joined Toro Rosso Butler's gone to Renault and Weber ended up at Alfa Romeo after I completed the F2 bit. Took a few attempts to do given the game chose to crash 3 times for some reason. I've only driven the first practice session so far but I' m hoping to get in and  do some proper racing later now that I'm back in familiar territory I did enjoy the F2 bit though and I'm looking forward taking on Butler and Weber in F1.

  16. 7 hours ago, Lukedfrt said:

    I still haven't got round to buying it yet haha, i've just got too much to play atm.. I may wait for a price drop :classic_laugh:

    I know what you mean I've still got a few games in my backlog that I'm still yet to play. I'm hoping to get to one or 2 of them soon though but I want to get a career underway on F1 2019 first because with careers I kind of let myself drift in and out of them because they can take a while to finish so  I kind of just do a season or 2 every now and then. I tend to do the same with Fifa as well but I plan to soon play Assassin's Creed Odyssey and the remake of Resident Evil 2 as I have those in my library but I also plan on playing Shadow of the TR again so I can play through the DLC's as I got the Croft Edition which gave me the season pass I just haven't got round to playing them. I've played the main game once but I thought I'd save the DLC's for a second run once they were all out and now they are I'd like to do them. I heard they were short but I thought the fact I'll be playing them together combined with the fact I'm quite a slow player anyway I don' think it will matter much. Plus with games I enjoy I tend to want to play more than once anyway and I have to admit I did enjoy my first run of Shadow. I am kind of intrigued by what kind of driver transfers I'll get though once I start on F1 2019

  17. 19 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    Nope, but then I've given up with the game after 60 hours as the stuttering/freezing issues is pissing me off too much to play it. Also Cocemasters just ruined the ai, they no longer fight you as idiots moaned they were too aggressive, so now it's boring.

    I actually find them more aggressive after the patch as they were really bashing me around in Hungary but then that was in wet conditions so it might have been the improved wet pace just catching me out because in my first F2 championship they were really slow. Strange your suffering from stuttering as it's been running nice and smooth on my system and better than the last 2 games. I did suffer a lot of that on 2017 though although since I've switched from Windows 7 to 10 the stuttering seems to have gone.

  18. 1 hour ago, tbtstt said:

    I have added it to my library, but I already have a list of PS+ games to work through! I have heard good things about it though, so I need to get round to it sooner rather than later. 

    Yeah apparently it's getting released on PC soon.

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