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  1. 34 minutes ago, Raymy said:

    Hi, i played F1 2019 on PS4. I win driver championship and i dont have number 1 on car. How to select this number? In customisation driver no choice number 1

    you should get it on your car automatically at the start of the next season.

  2. Must admit driving the F2 cars in intermediate conditions is a real challenge Codies did that very well. Very slippery especially considering they have less downforce and F2 doesn't have intermediate tyres As I had a wet race in Hungary and it was especially slippery around the longer corners

  3. 2 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    I'm now going to save every 10 laps or so just in case it happens again.

    Good idea I must admit I'm finding F2 a lot of fun on it. I'll probably start my 2019 career when I've finished my 2016 career I have on the go as I'll likely only be doing another season or 2 on that one as I'm running out of upgrades to purchase now on that career and generally I end my careers on that when I run out. At least they got it right with 2018/19 with the rule changes as that definitely keeps it fresh.

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  4. 35 minutes ago, Hughesy said:

    Yeah it was meant to be PES 19 but at the last minute switched it for Detroit BH. I hate the guy who created it as he's full of himself, but i'll probably still play it when I have time.

    Yeah I've heard it's coming to PC I may consider getting it when it does

  5. 1 hour ago, Hughesy said:

    Just finished a 50% race at Canada and came 2nd in my McLaren as I'm so good there, just as I finished the game crashed, I hadn't done any mid race saves so it's all gone, I did this even though I have a really bad wrist. I hate Codemasters right now, useless, Codemasters my ass 


    it's been happening t oa fwe people I had trouble booting i tup at first when I installed it but thanks to @Faya I found a fix that got it working though I've not had it cras hon me yet bu tthen I've not played career yet. I've mostl yeither been diong sprint races or the F2. I d oplan on starting a career eventually just not yet.

  6. 23 minutes ago, sloppysmusic said:

    I'm interested to know if you have done a full length 10 season career with full length races/practice and qual? Or anyone who has like me done that and been so glad to quit those abominable repetitive practice sessions finally! After 3 seasons you still really want to do track acclimatisation sessions? Even though now you have your own lines and passing these is beyond annoying and distracting? I know all the tracks inside out, I know how to conserve fuel, I know how to manage ERS , I know how to manage my tires. The only thing of interest now is my race tire wear in upgraded car and my qualifying speed against other drivers.

    No I don't but mostly because I don't have the time the only thing I do that's full length is qualifying I have 3 30 minute practice sessions and 25% race distance but I still enjoy the practice programs I fully intend to do all 10 seasons on the games as I intend to on both my 2017 and 18 careers I just haven't had the time to really do it all in one go.

  7. 2 hours ago, sloppysmusic said:

    OK. Sorry I completely missed that it was the ai they got maxed out. I my career it would have been great if all the ai had maxed out the same time as me, would have led to some crazy fast and close racing at 230mph + on straights! In this scenario it makes the career a complete fail sadly. If I had the choice I'd rule out point upgrades entirely as in real life the teams upgrade cars whatever the drivers performance. I'd like random upgrades for all teams but at an even pace so I can just get on and race without the headache of being in charge of engineering and research as well. That belongs in a management sim not a racer IMO. 

    If we did that then we 'd be back to where we were before as people would then skip practice as there would be no point to it the reason why they gave us the practic eprograms was t ogiv ethings t d oin the practice sessions because the types of programs ew do in those sessions are similar to what the real drivers do. I kind of enjo ythe practice programs and the challenge of passing them to earn resource points. I personally think that CM made a good design decision there when creating them back on 2016

  8. 7 hours ago, jrod22145 said:

    I really like this idea! Kinda like Motorsport Manager has a race difficulty and R&D difficulty which also makes all the other teams better and more efficient at R&D.


    Side note: is anybody else noticing that the R&D trees are the same.  I might just be my imagination especially since I didn’t do a career with Alfa last year and it’s my only team so far this year.  But so far as I remember my tree looks pretty similar to the one Ben had when he did his Alfa career on YouTube.  I could be wrong, and honestly to me it doesn’t make a difference really.  I’m just curious if I’ve got some sort of Mandela effect thing going on or it’s real haha!

    Each team has it's own R&D tree. It's possible the trees just got copied over from 2018.

  9. 1 hour ago, martbloke said:

    Wouldn't it just be a percentage of points? Choose difficulty 1 and you get 1% of normal points (that would be insane! Haha) and 50 = half points and so on. Shouldn't be that difficult. Only issue would be the AI R&D - what happens there??


    Regarding your previous post, I do think that Codies have still got it wrong from what I'm seeing. Yes you could say that some were complaining 2017 was too slow and now complaining it's too fast so they can't win but they can win. It just means that perhaps they've gone too far the other way. Just needs fine tuning. I just think that it should be that it's not possible to fully max out R&D. You can't tell me that there is 1 team out that say they have the perfect car with no upgrade possible? They are always looking to update the car. Yes you could max out a department (aero, chassis, engine) but never all; you chose what department to focus on and the points earned reduced to make sure this never happens. That would slow it a bit.


    The 5 second improvement however you must agree needs to be looked at, no?

    Personally I feel the system is fine so doesn't need changing but then that's just my opinion.

  10. When people were playing F1 2017 people ewre complaining upgrading was too slow now people are saying it's to fast but that's why they brought in the rule changes so you would always need to keep earning them. It was done this way so that those that just want a quick blast of a career can do that but at the same time those that prefer a more prolonged career that lasts 10 seasons will still get it. Because with the rule changes you'll always need to keep earning points even with a maxed out car to protect it. Seems that CM can never win these days. It's up to you the player to find what the balance is for you if you feel you're upgrading or getting components too quickly then don't upgrade for a while just save the points who knows you might need them to protect your current upgrades from being wiped out by the rule changes. I know that in my first season on 2018 I actually stopped spending points once I got to the mid season break in order to save them for any potential rule change and by doing so I've been able to protect upgrades that were important to me instead of just mindlessly upgrading the car. By doing this I've enjoyed the game far more I'm still in my first season although I've only got a handful of races left in that first season but that's more due to not getting around to finishing my career I started but I plan on getting back to it. Basically all  I'm saying is I think people should take a more measured approach when doing career mode on the game you might find you enjoy it a lot more

  11. 11 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    Ordered that seat, Amazon sent me a dog cage, I am raging! This is from Amazon and not a random seller on Amazon. Spent 45 mins with customer service and they were useless, that's me being polite as this is a PG site lol.

    Sounds like you've had a ruff day. 😛

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  12. Just had my first go at the new F1 game only played a couple of practice races  and started an F2 season but the graphics are looking really stupendous for the most part this year. Bahrain's night lighting is really good. Looking forward to doing some more but want to finish my other careers first

  13. Must the Moto GP 19 game is a bit easy I've got the AI cranked up to 70 and I'm still beating it. The graphics are really nice but the AI is somewhat  slow I expected more speed  so either I'm better at bike racing games than I thought or this game is easy although I'll admit I've only been racing rookies cup races so far. Maybe it'll get tougher once I go up the order

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  14. 2 hours ago, KittyFit90 said:

    Loving F12019 so far, though the car performance needs an update...my Toro Rosso is way too slow 😛

    There is a car performance update incoming I think CM are just getting the launch period over with first. I haven't played it yet but I'm looking forward to giving F2 a go when I do. I won't be touching career yet mainly because I want to finish careers on the older games first that I have on the go as I have careers on the go on 16, 17 and 18 and I want oat least finish one of those before I get one started up on 19. I'd say 16 is the one I'll likely finish first mainly because once you've unlocked al the upgrades there's nothing more to do in it. Whereas in 17 you have the classic car events and in 2018 with the rule changes you'll always need to earn points to keep your upgrades up to scratch so at least with 17, 18 and 19 also with the driver transfers the games always kept fresh.

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  15. 21 minutes ago, Lukedfrt said:

    Seeing everyone playing it has really tempted me now :classic_laugh: Think i shall definitely pick it up Monday or Tuesday!

    Yeah seeing Aarava's vids and that ultimately is what swung me. I was still sceptical until I heard about the addition of driver transfers but once I heard that drivers can move teams and even retire and be replaced by F2 drivers I was sold.  The only thing I'm not a big fan of is the new HUD as I think that's going to be tricky to read at a glance. It's OK for TV even though I didn't like it there either but I don't think it'll work too well on a game. I've not played it yet so can't speak from experience but from what I've seen Codies would have been better sticking to their own HUD

  16. 34 minutes ago, Hughesy said:

    Loving F1 19 even though no VR. The FFB feels even better than last year and the lighting is a huge improvement. 


    Also I'm watching a guy I sub to stream it, when someone asks me in the chat if I'm Hughesy from the Codemasters forum lol. That guy was @Juice29 I'm famous now lads :classic_cool:


    Some of the curbs are dangerous though which were fine to ride on in 18, but you get used to it. I'm using difficulty 95 but in Q1 I'm a second faster than my team mate. I'll see what happens in the race, but I might up it to 100.

    Yeah I was planning on holding off but in the end decided to buy it on disc from Amazon as it's cheaper than getting it from Steam I haven't played it yet but I've heard the AI are tougher and more aggressive this year. I'll still hold off on playing it until I'm finished my other careers but I thought that at least if I have it I can stil lboot it up and just stick with F2 until I'm ready. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at F2 anyway so I've  the new F1 and the new Moto GP games on their way to me. As for watching streamers I sometimes watch people playing games on Mixer mostly games I play or have played though. Lately I've been watching people playing the Tomb Raiders 

  17. Strange that the disc copy of F1 2019 is cheaper than direct through Steam. Was thinking I might go disc this time as the last disc I got was 2017 so with interviews rule changes F2 and driver transfers all been added to the game since 2017 I'm tempted to go with the disc version given it may take a while to download. Was thinking I might pick up the Moto GP game up too as I'm quite impressed by the graphics on the new one.

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  18. 3 hours ago, Rallystu2 said:

    This games great, an improvement on 2018 which I enjoyed. On the point that the f2 implementation being a gimmick, I sort of agree on the front that it's too short and quite inconsequential, however I'd recommend  (as I'm doing) a full F2 championship in free play mode, and then starting the career scenarios in your second season. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the rookie role quite nicely.


    Haters' gonna hate, whatever codemasters produces.

    I agree I was thinking of doing an F2 season before I started career mostly to get a feel for how they handle before I take on the scenario's. Not sure which F2 team I'll do yet but most likely one of the bigger ones

  19. 8 hours ago, Bobino12 said:

    iRacing with its graphics from the 18th century is the real gimmick. Only to get the rights to drive rookie Mazda, you must pay a fortune buying many tracks before being able to get out of the rookies caliber...I want your money and I will get it...

    Codemaster's F1 game is improving each year and get closer to a real sim without emptying your pocket....

    A big downside of the game for me is the choice to drive the car sitting on top of it (T-Cam) which is really unrealistic. At least, in iRacing, you have no choice but to drive sitting in your car, with cockpit cam.

    Codemaster's  should have regrets about permitting T-Cam but it's too late to remove that option because the so called quick drivers playing eSport, all drive this way because it's much easier to see blind corners and then be fast overall.


    In fairness CM have designed their games to be the FIFA to F1 games I think which means they have to appeal to casual fans as well as the sim racers that's for me why things like T-cam are in besides I use T-cam myself simply because it's a lot easier to see what's up the road. I'd say so far they've done a pretty decent job but I can't speak for 2019 yet as I've not playedit and it likel ywill be a while before I get a chance to. But with F2 an driver transfers in the game it's likely only a matter of time before I do try it.

  20. 17 minutes ago, ffigueir said:

    You cannot judge a book by its cover. You have to actually read the whole book before giving your final say about it.

    Indeed I never judge a game bfeoer giving it a try. I can certainly see myself getting 2019 at some point as I like the sound of the new features but with the fact I do have career modes on the go on the other games I want to finish at least 1 o r2 of those first. I'm hoping to work on doing some of it over the next few days and weeks but we'll see.

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  21. 5 hours ago, f1since08 said:

    Depression and stress go hand in hand. I've never talked about it publically before but I went through a low period recently and came close to starting to self-harm on a few occasions. It's weird the way the mind changes when something isn't right. Fortunately, I'm over that now but I know how much of a different person it made me. Stick with your brother; I don't have any blood siblings but confided in someone who is as close to me as one. He sorted me out and made me realise who I really am and it was exactly what I needed.

    Yeah we all go through rough times even I've gone through times where I've just hated life. I've not got to the point where I've felt suicidal or anything but I have been depressed to the point where I jus t don't want to do anything not even eat or drink and I usually quite like my food so it's unusual for that to happen. I think it's just natural that we go through these periods.

  22. 9 minutes ago, Lukedfrt said:

    I think this years will be the first F1 game i've purchased on release since probably 2013!

    I really enjoyed last years, and with the F2 inclusion this time i think i'll pump some serious hours into it. Only just found out about the driver changes too, which is a massive difference!

    Yeah that combined with the interviews and rule changes that were introduced last year will make the career very interesting to play. I'm definitely tempted to just say to hell with this and buy it but I've just got too much on with other stuff atm. Maybe it'll become too much to resist but I want to finish the careers on the other games first before I purchase and play around with this one.