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  1. 55 minutes ago, Hughesy said:

    Racing in VR is such a game changer. When you haven't used it it's ok as you dont know what you're missing. Every racing sim that comes out on PC has VR support, but Codemasters are lagging behind, its shocking that the official F1 game, the so called pinnacle of motorsport doesn't have VR.


    Last night I did an hour long race on iRacing in VR. It was in GT3 cars at Imola, for the full hour I was battling with someone for 3rd place. I came 4th by 2 tenths, but it was the most fun I've had racing. Then this morning I played F1, and it just felt dull playing on a flat screen.

    I do love the F1 games, as long as I haven't used VR for like a week lol.

    Yeah I don't use it mainly because I can't afford it. But then I don't use cockpit view either so I'm not sure I'd really benefit. I do like the new features and I think the driver transfers along with the rule change system they introduced last year in 2018 will make career modes on 2019 very interesting to play for the full 10 seasons. My problem is trying to find the time to really experience and enjoy it. It's not that I don't like the features it's more there aren't enough hours in the day. If I do get it before I finish my other careers though it's likely I'll just stick to the F2 mode until I'm ready. But that'll only likely happen if it ends up on a Steam sale or something. I think the fact they added driver transfers as well as F2 has made it a buy me game eventually for me just not quite a full price one considering I don't spend the time I used to playing these days like I did back when the series started with F1 2010  

  2. 5 minutes ago, Hughesy said:

    Still no VR though. I'm glad I'm only paying a euro for it due to the wheel I bought. I'm fed up with them ignoring VR, next year I just won't buy it unless they add support for it.

    Yeah I'm not going to be buying it at launch either as I don't think the changes are significant enough for me to buy full price. I've still got careers on the other games to finish too so I'll focus on them as I still have careers on 16, 17 and 18 I want to  finish first. I admit I like the driver transfers and the F2 storyline bit at the beginning of career and the addition of F2 in general but I don't feel it's worth paying full price for when I don't spend as much time playing these games as I used to. I still  play them and like them I just tend to lean towards other games these days.

  3. 4 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Haven't had much time for gaming the last month, but have been playing a bit of Sonic Mania (currently free on PSN) and getting a lot of nostalgic vibes from it!

    Nice was thinking of getting that myself at some point.

  4. On 6/17/2019 at 9:56 PM, Hughesy said:

    She is dude, like she can be really nice and then flips at the smallest things. I know shes had bad relationships in the past, one of which she got pregnant and then guy left and never came back, but looking at how she is I cant say i blame him if she was already like this, although ditching a kid isnt cool.


    It's a shame as her kid is ok, pretty much every time shes been here she wants to play a game in VR. But theres only so many times I can tell my bro as he doesnt listen and then comes crying to me when it goes wrong. Its frustrating as last time they split up I gave him a load of money to put a deposit down on a flat but then he ends up with her again.

    Kind of makes me glad I'm single then not sure I'd want to  put up with that.

  5. 46 minutes ago, LSKone said:

    That's a very optimistic way of looking at it, and I admire you for that! And judging games before release is always kinda lame, but it's our pals at codemasters we're still talking about, so please enjoy this list of things that will happen before they fix all the bugs:

    - Alonso comes back to F1
    - The planets form a line and codemasters employees actually answer to questions in this forum
    - A Nintendo Switch port of F1 mobile is released in 2020
    - Sebastian Vettel wins a race in 2019 (😥)
    - F1 2024 finally supports VR (but only on playstation)
    - Formula 2 cars are taken away from F1 2020
    - Formula 2 cars are added back in F1 2022
    - A dedicated server app is added but it's highly experimental and doesn't really work at all
    - Lando Norris wins the F1 esports championship
    - Codemasters develops a new engine but for some reason it has all the old bugs again
    - Formula 3 is added to the game
    - Aliens visit the Earth and Lewis Hamilton is like they are the best fans
    - sjsharp2010 pre-orders an F1 game



    Wrll there's nothing wrong with a little optimism but right now I'm not planning on pre ordering it so that las t thing is wrong as I haven't preordered yet and I'm not planning to atm. ATM my only plan is to finish the careers I have on the go in the previous games

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  6. It could be they spent those 2 years ironing out the bugs in the engine and previous games rather than adding a ton of new features we don't know let's see how the game is first before we judge it. I'm all for criticizing CM when it's needed but lets not jump on the hate bandwagon before it's necessary. I'm still not sure if I'll get it on day 1 mostly because I've not finished my other careers yet but even if I do I'll probably hold of on playing It until I am done with those I'll likely just buy it and let it sit in my Steam library for a time until I'm finished with my other careers. Either that or download and stick with F2.

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  7. EA play starts today will be interesting to see what they do with Fifa 20 now that the Journey is finished. Personally if it were me I'd go with either another story mode or expand the womens side of the game as I'd love to be able to do something like play a league or something with the womens teams because atm all we have is the cup tournament mode or friendlies with them. I've heard rumours tha t hey'er considering a FIFA street option but tbh that wouldn't interest me. I think if there isn't anything significant though from a single player perspective then I'll skip 20.

  8. 9 minutes ago, UP100 said:

    Little bit late with the COD stuff, but it looks promising 🙂 Let's just hope it won't become Adults Only as then they have to tone it down 😕 

    Since the campaigns are really short I don' ttemnd to pick up the COD' sand Battlefields until they're really cheap tbh. I recently picked up Mortal Kombat's 10 and 11 so #I'm looking forward to playing those eventually as I did quiet enjoy Mk 9 and I've always kind of liked the MK series

  9. Looking forward to tonight going t be interesting whilst I hope we win even if we lose our team can be proud of what they've achieved. I'm going to watch it on YouTube. It'll be a great way though to start life in our new stadium as European Champions but even if we don't achieve it we can be proud given this is the first time we've made the final of the competition.

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  10. 4 hours ago, UP100 said:

    I'm currently thinking I may go and get GRID19 on Day 1 as a physical DVD copy (partly because the box art is ❤️ and because the DVD copies are usually 5 to 20e cheaper than the digital Steam one)

    I really liked Autosport considering it was done in about a year, so I'm having high hopes for this one. Well at least I'll have a nice "arcadish" game with good graphics for the future.

    Yeah Autosport is probably my favourite Grid. I'm no tsuch a bi gfan of 2 because the cars are as drifty as hell that it's difficult to control them properly and the career mode is a bit short but Autosport with all the various track layouts and various disciplines and competitions is always fun to play. Open Wheel, Touring and Endurance I always have fun with those disciplines. I quite enjoy the Time Attacks but not so much the drifting events in Tuner and the street ones aren't really my favourite. I still enjoy racing them but I do find the tracks a bit tight in trying to get moves done. I did enjoy the original Grid but I also found it tricky in places. I may get a disc copy but it depends on whether the Ultimate edition is available on disc as that'll likely be he one I'll want to get otherwise I may just get it straight from Steam. Still I've got the Forza games I bought myself keeping me occupied for now racing wise so I'm in no rush.

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  11. Carefui CM people might start comparing you with EA with you releasing games this fast. 😛 But seriously first we get the new Dirt Rally game then F1 2019 and now a new Grid. It's all looking rather tasty. Whilst I've not go tDirt Rally 2 and am in 2 minds over F1 2019 atm I'm definitely tempted by the new Grid. I recently started a new playthrough on Autosport but yeah that was before I heard this announcement.

  12. 16 hours ago, Loggy said:

    Errr, will it work on Win 7 ? , I hope so, I dont really want to build a Win 10 rig just yet but if I have to I have to..

    I would imagine so yes but you will need to upgrade to Win 10 soon anyway as Windows 7 support is ending after this year. I didn't want to switch to Win 10 either but because of this I decided I had to. There are some programs you can download and use that will help manage and deal with all the update and security stuff that Windows 10 goes through if you're worried about that. Because for me that was my biggest turn off. But in terms of handling games most games that do work on Windows 10  run pretty smooth because Win 10 has features that allow it to dedicate extra resources to the games to make them run smoother. For example recently I did my first run of Mass Effect Andromeda on Windows 10 and a lot of the bugs and issues I was experiencing with Windows 7 were gone. I didn't change the hardware just the upgrade from 7 to 10 was enough 

  13. 30 minutes ago, Ak1504 said:

    I hope the driving is like in Autosport and not that imprecise and understeery like it was in the first Grid. 

    YeahI hope i tplays like Autosport as well love the way that game handles in fact started a new run on that recently

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  14. 5 hours ago, TheTomatoes said:

    This kind of information-dense HUD is useful when the point of view is exterior to the race and global (exactly what you need for TV), but not very pertinent from a driver point of view. Codemasters basically displayed the exact same infos that we see on your concept (apart from the race fastest lap-time, and I agree it should be added), but in a cleaner and lighter way, adapted to a racing game. They even added the tyre compound next to drivers names.

    Now I agree that using the TV graphics during replay would be cool and pertinent, but I think the UI team has had enough work this year. Mods can easily do that.

    Yeah whilst the graphics look OK on TV I didn't think they'd look too good on the game and based on what I'm seeing I feel that my opinion of that is spot on. Graphics wise else where is pretty good and if I was thinking of getting the game which I'm not atm that would definitely be a big plus point. I may pick it up later in a Steam sale or something later but I don't think I play the F1 games enough to warrant paying full price anymore and I still haven't finished career modes on any of the last 3 games and I want to at the very least finish one of those before I entertain any ideas of getting 2019. I must admit though that while the graphics in general are good the TV style HUD is working against it for me. I like the idea and the F2 bit as well but with everything I'm trying to do atm it's not something I'm going to get at launch at least anyway

  15. 18 hours ago, Hughesy said:

    Have the older people here ever gone back and listened to music you grew up with as a teenager? I just did, Slipknot, this song in particular brings back memories of being at a friends house who's dad built a skate park as he was also a skater. We'd have this on full blast, this one in particular as it pumped me to try new tricks that I hadn't attempted, this time a reverse 540, I landed it but fell back and knocked myself out. Couldn't have been for long as when I woke the song was still playing 😂  This is one of their tame songs, but it was actually the drums and base guitar that drew me to this song.

    Warning: Some swears


    I still do sometimes yeah. Though tbh these days I don't tend to listen to too much music.

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  16. On 5/1/2019 at 1:07 PM, Hughesy said:

    Finally getting rid of my Corsair 780T case as it's doing my head in. Spending £300 getting this case along with extra RGB fans for my watercooling. The setup will look similar to this except I don't have RGB ram. When I upgrade my CPU and motherboard, that will be when I get new ram. Had my 780T case since 2014, I loved it at first, but now I don't really like the style and the rear door wont close completely no matter how I do the cable management.


    Yeah won't likely be much more than a couple more years before I have to buy a new system as I don't think the motherboard I have can handle any more than what it's got on it and I've been thinking of taking a slight change of direction as to what's in my computer to make it a bit more practical. I'll stick with what I have for now but next time I need an upgrade that's when I'll make the change. Th eRAM and HDD/SSD stuff I'll likely keep the same as that's suiting me well it's more the CPU and GPU I'll likely be changing as I'll likely just go for a more powerful single GPU instead of a slightly cheaper SLI type system which my current one is. It'll be moer expensive but seeing as I'll only be buying 1 so it might save me some money  that way whereas when buy for my current system I have to purchase 2. Also going back to an Intel CPU will be better as well  given I'm not sure the AMD one I have is that efficient by todays standards. Don't get me wrong my current system has served me well but it has had it's issues

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  17. 37 minutes ago, Lukedfrt said:

    The last few nights of football have been unbelievable, never would've predicted either game! Only bad thing is i missed them both live cause i was working :classic_sad:

    Yeah I missed it as well as I can't afford those channels anymore I only saw the resul ton the BBC website and watched the highlights on youtube. My first thoughts were like Del boy "We've only gawn and done it." But I was really happy for them it's been a hard couple of seasons given we've not had a home as such and everything so to pull this off was incredible

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  18. I don't know what Spurs are feeding their players right now but whatever it is I could use it. That was something I was not expecting Our firs tever Champions League Final. We've won the smaller prizes before like the Cup winners cup and Uefa cup in the past but never Europe's top prize and we're just 1 game away from pulling it off. I think regardless of what happens though I think whoever wins it'll be a great night for English football given Liverpool are the opponents so even if we did lose to Liverpool it would still be good for our football. Will be great to grace our new stadium with it's first trophy being the Champions League but I'm not getting my hopes up. But it would be somewhat of a fairytale ending to this season. Let Liverpool and Man City slog it out for the Premier League while we snatch the Champions League out from under their noses

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  19. On 5/4/2019 at 3:10 PM, Lukedfrt said:

    Watching the World Championship for the last couple of weeks has made me really want to buy Snooker 19 haha, but i've got too many games on the go!

    Yeah I didn't watch this year bu tthat's mostly due to being busy with other things. I haven't got a lo tof games on the go but I have got several in my backlog I want to get through but hopefully given it doesn't look like ther is a lot of games that hav emy attention I can get through some of them. The only big thing on my radar is the PC release of  the Halo MCC as I'm looking forward to playing it on mouse and keyboard. I must admit though although I want to finish careers I have on the go on the otherF1 games 2019 is looking pretty awesome I'm really impressed by the graphics.  It's really tempting me anyway. I still probably won't get it at launch but now I'm thinking I'm not ruling getting it at some point because it does look really impressive. I' ,not too sure about the use of the TV HUD graphics as that could be a touch distracting but the rest looks really nice

  20. On 5/4/2019 at 8:27 AM, UP100 said:

    Welcome to the off-topic forums! You were able to find something to comment on that is now exactly 5 years old 😛


    Oh my god it's out? ...I need money... Well I mean I want to try it at least at some point.

    The generic question: Do you like it?

    Yeah I do it plays a lot like the old Blade Interactive games in terms of the controls. The only thing I haven't mastered yet is the pace of the table and all that but I think that will come with practice and more time with the game, and getting a kinder draw than Judd Trump in my opening round. 😛

  21. Just had myfirst go at Snooker 19 tricky little game but it's fun so far. Had my first career mode match after having a practice game and ended up with Judd Trump as my first opponent. Nothing quite like being thrown in the deep end eh? Thankfully I did manage to win 1 frame but lost the match 2-1



    Got off to a good start on my Forza careers though last night. Won a few races and a championship as well so I'm off to a good start there at least

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  22. On 4/29/2019 at 1:29 PM, Hughesy said:

    Yeah well this takes the ****. Not a few hours after being relegated some of the squad and the assistant manager Paul Terry were out on the **** all happy and smiling. I have seen more former players like Paddy Madden saying how bad they feel for the club than current players



    Unfortunately all you can do is hope you bounce back. I'm sure you will with enough work.

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