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  1. Turned off TAA, it doesn't help. Here are screenshots from steam. It looks like objects near the camera look acceptable, but the further away, the worse. Even though the resolution is like 3000 by 3000 in steamVR(which is more than 200%). It turns out that the SteamVR settings affects the game(kinda), but only when you restart the game. The other settings are on ultra. And even 8xmsaa doesn't save the situation, pixels looks kind of jerky.
  2. Hi. My HMD is Windows Mixed Reality Acer AH101-D8EY. Playing through SteamVR. The overall resolution in the headset is low(both in the menu and the race) and it doesn't change through SteamVR settings, although the FPS drops when I set it to very high like 500%. I've uploaded my configs, hope this helps. And I tried to set the "fullscreen" option to 0 as many threads say, but it doesn't help. The resolution of the first Dirt Rally was fine in VR. I kind of bought 2.0 to play in VR only, I really enjoyed playing the first Dirt Rally in VR. hardware_settings_info.xml hardware_settings_config.xml hardware_settings_config_vr.xml