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  1. 1 hour ago, PJTierney said:


    v1.16 doesn't have an announced release date yet. It's not far away though.

    Tomorrow we'll have server maintenance, as which will interrupt online connections for a few hours.

    OK, thanks . I hope it's good for early October. the wait for the new fiesta is starting to get long 🤣

  2. 14 minutes ago, HoksuHoo said:

    This. It's completely out of place in a serious sim-focused racing game that when players compete online some players have more horsepower for the same car than others, some players can change setups while some can't, some players have far smaller penalties for resets and punctures than others etc. This isn't some MMORPG where your character become more powerful by leveling up. Career mode can and should feature some kind of progression, but this should not give advantages in online racing, and even for career it needs to be done in a more logical way than "mileage increases your car horsepower" which just isn't right for this kind of game, and does nothing other than force players to drive gimped cars to grind more horsepower.

    Perhaps online and career should be separated completely. You wouldn't get money for career from online events but also career progression would not affect your ability to compete online like it really shouldn't.


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