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  1. I also have this problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And another problem is that i'm not receiving the LapHistory packets in some multiplayer sessions. Any news on fixing these bugs?
  2. We also force all drivers on our league to have public telemetry, and we can verify that. That is not the issue. The damage data from the front wings are registering correctly, but REAR WING are not. It's not a matter of restricted or public telemetry. There is definetely something wrong. Did anyone here manage to receive the rear wing damage from all cars correctly?
  3. I tested on unranked lobby. Only player car has the rear wing damage registered. Other cars that reported damage on the rear wing from the MFD did not register on the CarDamageData.
  4. Another question: In the CarDamageData, the m_rearWingDamage is ALWAYS zero! The only car that has the rear wing damage registered is the USER car. It is always zero for every other player. Also happening with m_floorDamage, m_diffuserDamage, m_sidepodDamage. And yes, their telemetry is public. m_frontLeftWingDamage and m_frontRightWingDamage are being registered correctly. Anybody else noticed it? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your reply. I couldn't find your other post either. I ended up doing almost the same thing. Saving the racetime for each driver based on the totalDistance in a matrix. Then comparing to the nearest distance found. Working pretty well so far. But still think they could provide this in the LapData (would be more accurate). Cheers!
  6. On CarStatusData packet, the m_tractionControl is always 2 for every other player, except myself. When I have Medium TC on, it's 2 (not 1, as it should be). When I turn TC off, the value is 0. But every other player returns 2. Is this the correct behaviour? Thanks!
  7. Just a quick note, some F2 Teams ID's in the documentation are wrong. These are the correct ID's: ART_GRAND_PRIX = 70 CAMPOS_RACING = 71 CARLIN = 72 CHAROUZ_RACING_SYSTEM = 73 DAMS = 74 HITECH_GRAND_PRIX = 75 BWT_HWA_RACELAB = 76 MP_MOTORSPORT = 77 PREMA_RACING = 78 TRIDENT = 79 UNI_VIRTUOSI_RACING = 80
  8. Hello! What is the formula to calculate the time gap (delta/interval) between cars on the race?
  9. I don't think I am missing anything, all the other values are correct, including ERS and the vehicleFiaFlags. I think there is something wrong with the last lap data... Here's how I get the CarStatusData: carStatus.setTractionControl(buffer.getNextUInt8AsInt()); carStatus.setAntiLockBrakes(buffer.getNextUInt8AsBoolean()); carStatus.setFuelMix(buffer.getNextUInt8AsInt()); carStatus.setFrontBrakeBias(buffer.getNextUInt8AsInt()); carStatus.setPitLimiterOn(buffer.getNextUInt8AsBoolean()); carStatus.setFuelInTank(buffer.get
  10. On the CarStatusData, why is m_tyresAgeLaps so inconsistent? For example, on a 3 lap race: End of lap 1 = m_tyresAgeLaps=0. End of lap 2 = m_tyresAgeLaps=1. End of lap 3 = m_tyresAgeLaps=3. Shouldn't it be 1 to 3? or at least 0 to 2... Also, when a driver pits, first and second lap after the pit is always m_tyresAgeLaps=0. It does not increment... Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Hello! How can I determine do % of ERS available? The values sent by the game are not very clear... What is the maximum capacity of the batteries? Is ersStoreEnergy representing the current energy available? Thanks!
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