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  1. I'm on XBox One with a Thrustmaster TMX wheel and want to add a handbrake for Dirt Rally 2.0. After lots of research, the only possible solution I have found is to use a TM TH8A shifter in H-shift mode and map the handbrake in the Dirt Rally 2.0 settings to 4th gear, and use a system of rubber bands to provide spring tension. I've seen it done, but not necessarily with a TMX wheel. I'm not even sure the wheel model matters, since the shifter MUST plug into the wheel on XBox. Trying to see if it can be done before I drop $170 on the shifter itself and another $100 or so on the Wheel Stand Pro appendage for mounting it. The "4th gear solution" would be fine with me, just would love to hear from anyone who can verify TMX compatibility on Dirt Rally 2.0. If this does work like described, can I still use paddles for manual shifting? Many thanks!
  2. Just coming by to say hi. 49 yo in the US, big rally fan and ready to tackle Dirt Rally. Or, at least have fun trying. Oh, and F1 too, although my first love is rally.