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  1. j105tolo

    Braking distance and lap times

    Thanks! I'll see about that. How would I upload from the Xbox?
  2. j105tolo

    Braking distance and lap times

    Forgot to add I play with all assists off.
  3. j105tolo

    Braking distance and lap times

    Hi all - first post here! I've been a huge F1 fan all my life - been playing F1 sims for decades - since the first Crammond/Microprose F1GP. I play on an xbox 1x and have a TM F1 wheel with TP3A pedals. I know the tracks well (ok not ALL of them, but most pretty well by now). For whatever reason, I can't find those last 2-3 seconds/lap to be competitive on 100% difficulty. My setups are good, my braking points seem to be pretty much where they need to be, and when I compare to hotlaps I see of the "big guns" it looks pretty much like I'm hitting my braking points/apexes just about on point. But - I still can't find those last couple seconds. If I brake later I miss my apex or lockup. Nothing I do seems to matter. Suggestions? Is it my setup? Is a PC better? Is the Fanatec direct drive setup better? For the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to find those couple seconds/lap.