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  1. rockjunky01


    I'm in the same boat as you man. As far as I know CM isn't going to be doing anything with the Operation Flashpoint IP anytime soon, if ever, which is sad. With the new console generation around the corner maybe but I'd say its still doubtful. I would even be super excited for a remaster of DR and RR
  2. Consoles are almost totally desolate of tactical first person shooters and OP:FP sits in a very nice middle ground of being hard-core tactical while also being accessible to new and casual players. Besides the fact that a well executed tactical shooter would probably do very well, especially with the new consoles around the corner, is there any love for the Flashpoint series still? Obviously a dev from CM isn't about to see this post but I'm just wondering if there would be excitement for a new game or even a remaster of the last two or if I'm alone in wanting those.