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  1. Hi Everyone, I am playing F1 2020 and using a logitech G29. Having issues at low speed turning. Like in australian GP last turn. The car turns but I loose any momentum or feel in the wheel. The weight in the steering is lost and I many times skid. I use 340 degrees rotation and centre spring strength at 2, 50 sensitivity. In game steering lineriaty at 15 and wheel damper at 10. Kindly help with this. What settings should i use. I play on PC (steam). RA
  2. Rohit

    G29 slow speed turning issues

    THanks a lot. It helps. After turning I upshift the gear and push throttle as you said. Thanks.
  3. Rohit

    F1 circuti information

    Dear All, Does anyone has a compilation of the various F1 grand prix circuit information or spec sheets like tyre wear : high, full throttle: 60 %, etc.