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  1. https://discord.gg/CFZrED New leauge if anyone wants to have fun and race in a leuage where i intend to Get people in who don’t crash into other people then this is the leauge for you and the race day is Sunday and the time of the races currently are 7pm bst times are subject to change as the leauge isn’t fully ready yet
  2. Rufc2001

    Looking to join a weekly league (Xbox)

    FR are Looking for clean drivers for Tier 2 and we are also looking for reserve drivers And To help with the races We Need Tier stewards to host and spectate the races for their specific tier and they have to screenshot and then send in the race and qualifying results For there Specific tier THE RACES IN THE LEAUGE ARE Sunday at 7pm bst https://discord.gg/x4rEfm XBOX ONLY
  3. https://discord.gg/ph95sW join this discord server looking for clean drivers for Sunday’s at 7pm bst