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  1. Issue: Cockpit view is extremely overexposed in bright locations in VR, causing near-blindness in Sweden particularly. This issue seems to be caused by the Auto-Exposure effect. Headsets have a high field of view, so more of the image is taken up by the dark interior of the car. To compensate, the entire scene gets brightened, blinding the driver. This issue seems to exist for most parts of the game, but it's taken to critical levels in Sweden due to all the white snow. Workaround, for other players who may be experiencing this: Lean forward and pin your POV closer to the windshield. Method of Reproduction: Use a VR Headset like Oculus Rift CV1 Use cockpit view Drive in Sweden during a heavy snowstorm, or at high noon. Be blind Get worse times Platform: PC PC Build: 1.15 VR Headset used: Oculus Rift CV1 Wheel/Pedals used: G29 A racer in my league is skipping Sweden due to this issue: