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  1. LateApexDW

    Great difference in setup!

    Great stuff to read. Does anyone change setups based on the track? For example, street-based setups in Monaco and Singapore? I tend to think it's faster to stick with the same setup across the board. LateApexDW - SZF Racing
  2. LateApexDW

    Zero Challenge

    You know, this is a great idea. I managed to achieve the same effect in October when the one update hung up. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but deleted my profile in the process. Back to the start I went. It's actually been a fun challenge working my way back.
  3. LateApexDW

    0 PI challange

    HA HA! Ok, good point. Whoops. So, what you're saying is that, if the post is titled, "0 PI Challenge," the PI is zero? Now I get it! Whoever said there's no such thing as a stupid question, never read my post. Just give me a DNF for the thread and I'll move on.
  4. LateApexDW

    0 PI challange

    What PI are you using?
  5. LateApexDW

    Bad start to the day

    You guys are burning it up. I'm at 133 duels as of today. The last reset was on October 5, so I'm averaging about 11 duels/day. I see on the leaderboard that the top 9999 score has dueled 1137 times since October 5. That's nearly 100 duels/day! I hope that driver is icing his or her thumbs every night.
  6. LateApexDW

    Bad drivers

    Congrats to GLOVESANDSTEERING, GLO 35 (racing under the Swedish flag), for wrecking himself while trying to push me through Maggots and Becketts this morning. The good old bump draft move works better on NASCAR Heat.
  7. LateApexDW

    Bad start to the day

    How many duels/day do you both average?
  8. LateApexDW

    Pre race stretching

    Thanks, Hellion21! I will work on the stretching techniques. I already do cross-crawls like Ross Bentley. Yes - that was Gasly talking about the fans returning to Sochi. I do agree. I feel so lucky. Just yesterday, one of the KFC Tifosi leaned out of the drive-through window with both arms and gave me two raised fingers. I think they mean that I'm No. 1 in their hearts. They even pumped their arms up and down in alternating fashion as if to say, "You're No. 1! You're No. 1!" I'm just so thankful for all of the virtual people back at the virtual garage and virtual headquarters who, along with our virtual sponsors (and the real sponsor that offers free solar power to everyone), make this all possible. We are truly fortunate.
  9. LateApexDW

    Bad start to the day

    Hi Rot10Ronny. Welcome. Wow - that's an unlikely streak of street circuits. 7/8? And 5/7 are Monaco, with three in a row? I don't know the odds of that, but it seems like the odds of winning some kind of prize at the local fair. I've not had a similar experience with Monaco occurring most frequently, but I know what you mean when you have a least favorite track and it seems like it pops up all of the time. I disliked Monaco and Singapore previously, but now realize that a lot of other people seem to dislike them as well and that all you can really do is focus on the challenge. There's no room for error at either track, so you might be able to win a lot of duels, especially in qualifying, simply by driving clean laps. Sprint races, and especially grid starts, tend to be chaotic events, especially in the first few turns. If I drive a clean lap at Monaco or Singapore, I'm happy.
  10. LateApexDW

    Pre race stretching

    That is fascinating stuff, Hellion21. I find that I reach my fastest times if I drive to the parking lot at a nearby shopping mall that is closed, strap my iPad to my steering wheel, and log a few laps at my favorite tracks. I like to run laps at Barcelona, just like the real F1 drivers. The parking lot is perfect because the lap finishes at one of the outparcels with a KFC that has a drive-through lane that, if you drive it in the opposite direction, perfectly matches the chicane at Barcelona. It is fantastic practice. A few weeks ago, the KFC reopened and boy was I surprised the first time through that chicane. I switched it around, though, to the chicane at Spa and now drive it in the correct direction. I get some weird looks from the restaurant employees, but most seem to have become fans. Yesterday, two stood outside as I drifted past the ordering board and waved their arms at me while yelling. They must have been cheering. If there's a car waiting for food, I pretend that it's a slow Ferrari AI car. Last week, I clipped the inside curb at the fast left turn at Baku that leads to the lefthander onto the main straight (it's the curb at the old Sears customer pick-up lane) and slid into the outside wall (it's the dumpster behind the movie theater), but kept it together and still logged a personal-best time. The right side of my car is banged up, but I think I can buff out most of it. And nobody really uses the passenger-side rear door anyway. Oh well, that's enough of my secrets. I have an appointment at the shop for new tires again. Let's go racing, Boys!
  11. LateApexDW

    Bad drivers

    Kudos to SHIOLA, SHL 12 (racing under the Georgia flag), for outwitting collision avoidance and pushing me into the inside wall for a DNF in a grid start at Abu Dhabi. You are a role model to us all.
  12. LateApexDW

    Bizarre Grid Starts

    Twice this week, once in Hungary and once in Monaco, my opponents have inched forward before the lights go out, nudged into the AI car in front of them, and tipped it forward onto its nose. It is left literally standing on its nose, perpendicular to the track, with the tail pointing up. Then, when you round the last turn, you have to avoid the AI car that is still standing up on the grid. Bizarre. Has anyone else seen this?
  13. LateApexDW

    Well this looks promising!

    This happened to me in a Mexico race a few days ago. TIVEDO, ANS 56, from Italy, went for a swerve-fest just past the starting line, missed the AI car, bounced off the wall, crossed the track, and planted it in the other wall for a DNF. I love it when karma works out like that.
  14. LateApexDW

    Lost purchases

    Did you post on Technical Assistance?
  15. LateApexDW

    R&D points limit

    Well, that dwarfs my PI so I know what I need to target. You're right about the redundancy and that would be a letdown not having another R&D level to chase. That next R&D level always seems like a guaranteed boost in car performance that is just around the corner. I guess it's a little like Cup Points maxing out at 9999. The game has ceilings, unlike real driving.