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    F1 Mobile Freeze on iPad

    Are these track notes for Bahrain? Brake late and heavy in Turn 1, Apex slightly late to straighten Turns 2 and 3, Throttle down to Turn 4, . . . .
  2. LateApexDW

    delay in acceleration after releasing the brake

    Glad to hear you made some progress. Hope it continues to improve. See you on the track!
  3. LateApexDW

    End game setup?

    Actually, now that I look at it more, it looks like some controllers are supported: https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/f1-mobile-racing/?p=web&s=assists-and-controls&l=en I have never tried tap steering. It just doesn't seem realistic. Regarding your Red Bull comment, it must be a coincidence. I believe that the official F1 cars rely upon the same performance parts as a custom car to determine specifications and performance. I do not believe that one official F1 car is faster than another. You are correct that setting Red Bull as the quickest car would be, shall we say, a bit unrealistic. Someone should drive by Codemasters and see if a bunch of Honda Civic Type R's are sitting in the parking lot!
  4. LateApexDW

    delay in acceleration after releasing the brake

    Did anyone ever help you?
  5. LateApexDW

    End game setup?

    Working backwards through your questions: The ghosting system still fails now and then, but it is the best version yet. The "Report Player" option disappeared at about the same time that the ghosting system upgraded. Some cheating probably still occurs, but the ghosting limits the opportunities for the rammers and swervers to inflict damage. As far as people running cheats codes, they really ought to find a better outlet for their talents and their time than developing ways to outwit a mobile game (no disrespect to the game or designers intended). The AI cars are a bit hit and miss (sometimes literally), but I've never seen the rocket attack that you describe. I can't imagine running the game on a full sim set-up or even with only pedals and a wheel. I don't even know if it would work. To me, and in my humble opinion, this is a great phone or tablet game on which to stay sharp, turn off the assists and use tilt steering, and satisfy the competitive itch. I don't know of another open-wheel mobile game that matches it. Like you said, it is fun. If or when someone is looking for more, than get a sim set-up and run F1 2020 for your open-wheel fix. In the end, though, the game is downright fun and worth the time.
  6. LateApexDW

    Start Technique

    What's your preferred start technique: (1) Hold the clutch until the lights go out and then drop the clutch and hit the throttle simultaneously when the lights go out, or (2) Hold the clutch, add the throttle before the lights go out, and drop the clutch when the lights go out, or (3) something else?
  7. LateApexDW

    Driving the wrong way to ram

    That guy belongs at the rear of the field.
  8. LateApexDW

    Drafting or Tow?

    This morning, in a grid start in Mexico, the P2 and P4 AI cars ahead me of eased left shortly after the start to follow the P1 and P3 cars on the left side of the grid to form a line of AI cars on the long run to Turn 1. It looked like they were trying to draft or get a tow down the straight. As a result, I had a clear run all the way to Turn 1. I never saw this before the last update. Has anyone seen something similar before or since the last update?
  9. LateApexDW

    auto acceleration not working properly

    Maybe today's maintenance will help with this and other problems reported recently. Earlier today, in two different duels at Spa, one opponent rolled forward before the start and vaulted four other cars into the air (I've never had a clearer path to P1 when the lights went out) and another opponent won every sector while finishing more than four seconds behind me on the qualifying clock, but I "won" the duel. Bizarre stuff.
  10. LateApexDW

    Bad drivers

    Condolences to FAV, racing as RAN 56 under the flag of Chile, who was one place ahead of me in a sprint race in Brazil as we headed up the hill and into the final DRS straight. FAV then proceeded to crash himself into the pit entry while tangling with an AI Red Bull ahead of him. I appreciate the attempted homage to Esteban Ocon. Acting like our racing heroes through the virtual arena is one of the beautiful things about sim racing. Thank you for the points.
  11. LateApexDW

    auto acceleration not working properly

    I don't know about auto acceleration. Perhaps it occurs on parts of the track where the AI is programmed to be off the throttle? That would be odd, though, on corner exit if you're on the correct line with the correct exit speed. To me, the less assists, the better (and the faster).
  12. LateApexDW

    engine volume sound fluctuating

    At least it doesn't affect performance.
  13. LateApexDW

    engine volume sound fluctuating

    Sorry. I couldn't resist. Are you seeing an actual drop in RPMs independent of gear shifts or is it only the volume that changes?
  14. LateApexDW

    engine volume sound fluctuating

    Check the spark plugs.
  15. LateApexDW

    Bad drivers

    Agreed. To RAKO, racing as RKO 69 under the German flag, all I can say after you rammed me from behind in the middle of the Kemmel Straight at Spa, is "Was hast du dir dabei gedacht?" At least wait until the braking zone like most of the other Wall of Shamers.
  16. LateApexDW


    I think the initial post asks how performance improves once all ten boxes are completed for a set-up. If so, then the answer to the second question is yes. Research boxes continue to provide new parts and improved performance.
  17. LateApexDW

    Not loading.

    That is frustrating. When this happened to my phone, it seemed like it was linked to low memory capacity on the device. You probably already checked the memory, but that is the best that I can come up with.
  18. LateApexDW

    Collision shield not working properly

    This is a great point. The people that create F1 Mobile are bright. The current Collision Shield is the best yet, but you can't tell me that the coding cannot further improve and recognize the two biggest offenses out there: (1) deliberate side-swiping on a straightaway, and (2) ramming someone from behind and pushing them through the turn at the end of a straightaway. It is one thing to race assertively wheel-to-wheel down the Kemmel Straight at Spa and bump someone. It is another to aggressively and rapidly turn into someone in the same scenario. Likewise, at Monza, it is one thing to miss your braking point into the first chicane and bump someone. It is another to not brake at all or brake after you ram the leading car and shove them through the chicane, thereby giving them a penalty as well. Why can the coding not penalize those drivers with loss of League Points or Resource Points for that duel? For truly grievous offenders, start docking them Credits after x number of penalties. This would only further improve the game's attractiveness.
  19. LateApexDW

    Bad drivers

    PACUX, racing as PAC22 under the Spanish flag, is a real piece of work. He swerved right into me as I passed him on the Barcelona DRS backstraight and put me into the gravel and the wall. It was the kind of move that you would be embarrassed to see at your local kart track on "Arrive and Drive" night. Calling him (her?) a clown is the nicest adjective that could be used.
  20. LateApexDW

    Server problem?

    I had the same problem for credits, challenges, and daily boxes. It resolved yesterday. LateApexDW SZF Racing
  21. LateApexDW

    Great difference in setup!

    Great stuff to read. Does anyone change setups based on the track? For example, street-based setups in Monaco and Singapore? I tend to think it's faster to stick with the same setup across the board. LateApexDW - SZF Racing
  22. LateApexDW

    Zero Challenge

    You know, this is a great idea. I managed to achieve the same effect in October when the one update hung up. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but deleted my profile in the process. Back to the start I went. It's actually been a fun challenge working my way back.
  23. LateApexDW

    0 PI challange

    HA HA! Ok, good point. Whoops. So, what you're saying is that, if the post is titled, "0 PI Challenge," the PI is zero? Now I get it! Whoever said there's no such thing as a stupid question, never read my post. Just give me a DNF for the thread and I'll move on.
  24. LateApexDW

    0 PI challange

    What PI are you using?
  25. LateApexDW

    Bad start to the day

    You guys are burning it up. I'm at 133 duels as of today. The last reset was on October 5, so I'm averaging about 11 duels/day. I see on the leaderboard that the top 9999 score has dueled 1137 times since October 5. That's nearly 100 duels/day! I hope that driver is icing his or her thumbs every night.