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  1. No problem Currently driving at Silverstone, I now know what you mean. Reading your previous comments I reckon you agree with that game design, if not I would have an explanation for it. Nevertheless, I wish you good luck with learning the game, I'm a novice as well (with Pad on PC) but on full TC, and previous attempts on medium TC have demotivated me from learning to exit a corner smoothly to prevent massive oversteer, even though it would probably make me faster. So I really respect your decision to drive on medium TC.
  2. Had 2 Qualifyings today. First one in Q2, weather forecast predicted heavy rain, which would turn into light rain later. Still the game recommended slicks to me. After I watched another car go out on softs, I did the same, noticing that there were only clouds and no rain (which would occur only a few minutes later). In Q3 I saw rain but the forecast was cloudy/later sunny, so I expected to go out on Inters/later Softs, but after I saw everyone go out on wets, I decided to wait with that. In fact it was raining all the time, though after a couple minutes the rain was only light. Just like the weather forecast I had in Q2. Second one in Q2, the forecast was cloudy with rain after 5 minutes, but it was sunny nearly the entire time. In Q3 the forecast was nearly sunny the entire time, but it was cloudy with rain after ~5 minutes. Since in the first race the actual weather of Q2 and the forecast of Q3 didn't match up completely, either the forecast of Q2 & Q3 is swapped, or the forecast in Qualifying is just wrong. If you ask Jeff about the weather, he gives you the correct forecast. Last time I played before this incident was October 3rd. PC 1.10 (played on that version earlier without the bug) MyTeam Since I didn't see this problem in the forum (or I didn't look long enough), I assume the bug is for my save only, so I'll try to recreate it in the next Quali Play Qualifying in Q1/Q2/Q3-format (in MyTeam?) I guess I sticked with Jeff as my weather forecast this time, but next time I will reload the game in hope to fix it with that. Gamepad May send screenshots the next time the bug occurs to me
  3. I'm not sure, since you said that "the game sees that violations in sector 3 could impact the following lap's time as well." But in my case, the game saw that an infraction in sector 3 could impact the following lap's time AND the post-following lap's time, which isn't really possible. I also checked if I had any other infraction, especially in the following lap, but there was nothing. But maybe you're just expressing circuitous and I'm not understanding.
  4. That's not how I meant it, after I drove a full lap where I know the lap time would be deleted, and took the chicane legally this time, the next lap was seen as illegal as well. So the lap after the lap which was correctly illegal iykwim.
  5. Couldn't replicate it, had a different incident though, were I cut the chicane at the wall of champions and not only the time for next lap got deleted, but the time for the lap after that as well.
  6. Before that not, after that I only had FP3 where I didn't manage to complete a until then uncompleted program (bc I suck). I'll try to replicate it next time I do a practice session and keep you updated.
  7. Sonathan

    Profile completion impossible

    Well, that explains a lot (and makes this post kind of unnecessary). But thanks anyway.
  8. I just came to the forum to report a bug, but I also was interested in editing my profile. Nevertheless I'm stuck at 67% profile completion, because I didn't fill out Steering Wheel, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube. The first because I don't have one, and the others because I don't think it's necessary to fill out unless you're an influencer. Plus, what do I have to write there? The name of my profile, the URL of my profile or something else?
  9. I was doing FP2. The first program was race strategy, which gave me 75 resource points after I completed it and went back to the pits (after 3 laps). This was also shown correctly by the game. After that I saved and paused the game for a while, and closed it later. When I reloaded the save, there was now shown that I got 0 resource points, even though the program was recognized as completed. Since the overall resource points still were correct, I thought the bug would only be visual. But after I completed another program, I got 25 green RP and 50 purple RP again + the RP total stayed the same, so the game thinks that I didn't complete race strategy, even though it's kinda showing that I did. Steam 1.10 My Team Could be possible to recreate it Do a practice session, do one program, save, quit, reload. But maybe more factors, that you can't control, need to be true to recreate it. I reloaded multiple times, I also went into FP3, but that didn't help. I had to do race strategy in FP3 again in order to get the resource points. Gamepad As you can see in the screenshot, I'm playing the game in German (for now), so sorry if some terms I use don't match with the English version.