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  1. amysterya

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    So I got the repeated crackling sound that got captured in the “share” video too, but since There was an error connecting my ps4 to YouTube, I had to record it on my phone, hope it’s clear. I am running: f1 2020, ps4, beats headphone through my controller, or tv speakers(both same sound output quality), game and ps4 is fully updated. I am playing my teams. The video links are below. I have had the problem before and it was temporary and somehow went away for a while. Now it’s back, and I have heard last 2 times I played, Honestly, it distracts me so much, it’s absolutely annoying. Please help fix. thank you for your continued support and awesome games! AM
  2. I closed the application and restarted it. Now it has changed to error code:12.
  3. Please help, f1 2020, my teams, automatic error message keeps appearing frequently despite canceling. Attached a picture of the error message that keeps appearing while I am driving on the track. I hit cancel and it appears, I hit retry and it appears. I can’t drive a clean lap with this popping every few seconds. I checked my internet connection, and it is working just fine 25+mbps download and 40+mbps upload. after hitting retry for a few times out of frustration, a different error message appeared. Picture attached too.