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  1. Oops. Unassign. Nlot unassiagn. I could spell before computers came along.
  2. PS4 and Logitech G29. Trying to customize the settings on my LG 29. Getting conflicts. So I go to one I wish to make "unassigned" and select it, but it keeps waiting for new button choice. When I put in nothing, it reverts to original conflicted selection. So how do I unassiagn buttons from "look back", etc? "
  3. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who is sometimes mystified by the simple things in this game.
  4. Oh, ****. I just ordered a G29 for my PS F1. Are others having this same issue?
  5. Not having played others in the series, I find the lack of documentation in F1 2020 to be a bit of a bother. I can't even find where to configure my buttons on my steering wheel. Can someone tell me how to find that? Also, is there some basic documentation for similar issues? For instance how to actually initiate upgrades in my team, etc. I find the driving experience ok, but not being able to easily deploy ERS and DRS limits my performance considerably.
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