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    Wish list for F1 2021

    Extremely important: 1. Saved full race replays (like were in EA Sports F1 games). It's very important in Online championships; 2. TV graphics (especially it is important for streaming races as a spectator); 3. Manual pits and parking to start position at formation lap. Lap from pits to starting place before formation lap; 4. AI making mistakes (spins, crashes...); Important: 5. Reference as better as possible. 6. More realistic car damage; 7. To be able to ask engineer where you will get out if you will pit at this lap and how busy track you will have; 8. Better menu at practice and qualifying (to be able to check lap times, top speed); 9. Weather from wet to dry changes too quickly; Too many wet races; 10. AI level recommendation after the races in Carrer mode (it's important for new players, then you don't know 50...70...90 to choose); 11. Team pit place moved to other place by klast year result (like in real F1); 12. Update team / driver performance with game updates; 13. To be able to race medium/hard tyres in TT or 5 laps race; 14. Team members on the podium have champage now. Need to be solved; 15. Bottom to save all information about the race into text file after race; 16. Don't change gearbox mode racing at SC time (with AG), leave more space to car ahead; 17. Terminal technical problems (as to AI drivers). With possibility to turn off at menu.