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  1. But there are 2 sides of rear wing damage - Yes, it would be nice to have realistic situations, but then we need fouls a lot bigger then we have now (if you was hit by opponent and have to pit for rear wing change depends on place of incident it will take ~ 60-80sec, and you opponent will have to change front wing (~40-50sec) + 5 (?) sec penalty. Minimum penalty should be 10 sec. stop and go penalty (or 60 sec to final time). In league races (medium level) there are many little pushes, so that would change race dynamic a lot.
  2. Extremely important: 1. Saved full race replays (like were in EA Sports F1 games). It's very important in Online championships; 2. TV graphics (especially it is important for streaming races as a spectator); 3. Manual pits and parking to start position at formation lap. Lap from pits to starting place before formation lap; 4. AI making mistakes (spins, crashes...); Important: 5. Reference as better as possible. 6. More realistic car damage; 7. To be able to ask engineer where you will get out if you will pit at this lap and how busy track you will have;
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