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  1. We still need a host of Free Agents to sign-up, to have their abilities assessed in weekly races. F2 and reserve slots aplenty....
  2. McLarenLad

    F2 2021

    I appreciate the transparency, but it's hard news to swallow, given what we've originally been told. I'm not directing my angst towards you.
  3. McLarenLad

    F2 2021

    Unbelievable. So in promotional videos, you say November. In reality, it's "Meh, November if we feel like it".
  4. McLarenLad

    F2 2021

    Just an update would be nice. Nope. As usual. Radio silence. @BarryBL Do you have any idea on when this will be included in the game, if at all?
  5. Team Principals are in place. Contracts have been signed for; 18 out of 20 Premier Tier drivers... 15 out of 20 Championship drivers... 10 out of 20 F2 drivers... Book your slot. Be part of the ultimate roleplaying experience.
  6. I grow tired of what "they" say. I take it all with a pinch of salt.
  7. Most likely another month long wait for a new patch...
  8. Saw this appear for the first time when I was in 'Spectator Mode'. Is there a key-binded to this? Or is it just random?
  9. Bump With 5 out of the 10 constructors now operating with a Team Principal, our first assessment race is taking place, for a chance to scout the unassigned talent. Now's your chance to get involved and get a seat at the upcoming assessment race on Tuesday at 7pm GMT
  10. Bump Our first Team Principals are in! There are still plenty of Team Principal roles and indeed, driver roles, available too. Here's your chance to draft your own roster, or negotiate your perfect contract, here at F1X Racing League
  11. Bump We're still looking for our first Team Principals to take over a team and shape it, into a potentially championship winning team!
  12. Our first drivers are in and ready and waiting for some Team Principals to take control. Put your F1 management skills to the test with real drivers...
  13. Bump - Looking for new/experienced drivers to really help mould the league in to an enjoyable experience for all.
  14. Introducing the newly formed, F1X Racing League. Here at F1X we offer the finest roleplaying experience to date. There are overarching Team Principals who have the power to hire, fire, promote and demote their drivers, from F2, the Championship Tier and the ultimate; Premier Tier. Team Principals have sole responsibility of their budgets. Let it fall below $0 and you're out. Paving the way for someone to come in and take your seat. Team Principals are offered varying channels to communicate with their drivers, as well as having private hubs to discuss business matters. It's all abo
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